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How WhatsApp’s Group Video Calling Feature Works

WhatsApp, the popular messenger app Android and ios has rolled out its group video calling feature that will allow up to four participants in a video call. Users will be required to update the apps for using WhatsApp’s group video calling feature.

How WhatsApp’s Group Video Calling Works

WhatsApp’s group video calling feature works so simply. A user only needs to start a video call with any of the contacts and then click on the add people icon to add more participant. One group video call on WhatsApp can only have four participants at the same time.

Why WhatsApp Introduced Group Video Calling

WhatsApp’s voice and video calling feature are already available since 2016. The messenger app has almost 1.5 billion users worldwide and according to reports, each day users spent almost 2 billion minutes on the call. Therefore, it is quite likely that users might be looking for a group video calling option to connect with different friends and family members at the same time. WhatsApp’s group messaging and group conversation feature is already popular.

The WhatsApp video calling feature may replace Skype for Android and iOS users who need to have video chats in smaller groups. But, Skype will still have an edge for the conference calls for the business purposes, as it accommodates up to 25 participants for the video call. Further, 50 users can join a video call on Facebook’s messenger app. The new video calling feature will still find its particular set of the audience; a fact that reflects well in popularity of its group chat feature.

WhatsApp’s Recently Updated Feature

WhatsApp is working hard to increase its market share of social media messenger apps. It recently made attempts to encounter the fake news epidemic. The company has introduced a new feature that notifies a user about the forwarded message. In fact, the forwarded messages on WhatsApp now have a label that helps the user know that message is forwarded and hence one must know whether its content is based on truth and whether it is from the credible sources or not.

So, coupled with the WhatsApp’s group video calling feature, labeled forwarded messages, an ease of group chats, voice calls, and other such features WhatsApp is inevitably looking to become a complete package of connecting people and help them socialize. A plenty of people from the billion of users must be willing to avail this group video calling facility.

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