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When is Parizaad Last Episode Airing in Cinemas?

The show that has fascinated the drama audience with its unique protagonist is reaching its end. Parizaad started back in July 2021 and hooked everyone to the refreshing story. It diverts from the beaten path of glamour and takes a risk by glorifying simplicity. In other words, it works like a slap on the face of traditions that stereotype everything from a person’s appearance to its actions. Parizaad constantly reminds the viewers about society’s hypocritical standards and what happens to those who don’t fit. This is the reason why the viewers were in love with the show. They will certainly miss it after Parizaad Last Episode, which is reportedly set to air on TV and cinema both.

Parizaad Last Episode Concludes the Story

According to reports, Parizaad Last Episode will be coming to cinemas on January 22, three days before it airs on TV. All cinemas across Pakistan are reportedly ready to show the widely appreciated show. Director Shehzad Kashmiri has created a masterpiece out of Hashim Nadeem’s novel based on a story of an average dark-skinned man named Parizaad (fairy’s descendant).

The versatile actor, Ahmed Ali Akbar from Ehd-E-Wafa, has played the role of the main character, who is a pure of heart and gifted individual. However, as expected, the society and women he loved mistreated him due to his skin colour and underprivileged background. The story gradually unfolds several twists and turns surrounding the struggles Parizaad faces in life.

The journey takes a weak and innocent man through the underworld, ending in Parizaad becoming rich and powerful. With all the money and power at his disposal, life will test him to exact revenge on someone who caused immense pain to him and a woman he loved. However, viewers would have to wait and watch for the Parizaad Last Episode to see if the protagonist goes through with his plan or stays true to his soul.

The Level of Popularity

The drama has reached exceptional heights of popularity in Pakistan for many reasons. For starters, it showed men in a different light than most shows, such as wife beaters, adulterers, and maniacs. It teaches how to be a better man through Parizaad’s actions and deeply touching poetry. Some brands in Pakistan have launched some unofficial merchandise dedicated to the main character.

The reach is not only limited to Pakistan, but a large part of India also watches this show. It is so popular there that Indian fashion designer Manish Malhotra once played its OST (original soundtrack) in one of his fashion shows. Ahmed Ali Akbar’s previous drama Ehd-E-Wafa’s last episode was also screened in cinemas.

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