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Where Is Jack Ma? Tensions Rise after Chinese Billionaire Goes Missing

Founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma has not made a public appearance for over two months. According to various media reports, the tech billionaire gave a controversial speech about Chinese government on 24th October. Ever since, he has been on a long lasting battle with the government led by Chinese Communist Party (CCP). A large number of social media users are still asking ‘where is Jack Ma’ while accusing the government of his disappearance.

The business tycoon also missed the final episode of his TV show named Africa’s Business Heroes, where he appeared as judge. Moreover the government imposed a crackdown on his business empire while social media boasted to know about his whereabouts. 

People Want To Know Where Is Jack Ma

Folks speculating the missing of Jack Ma are asking the international community to take notice and pressurizing CCP government tot find out where is Jack Ma and present him in front of the public to ease tension

Some have suggested that the world leaders may had been quiet due to their economic relationship with the Asian giant. It might mean everybody would carry on like everything is normal and the billionaire would return after hiatus.

Between 2015 and 2017, during China’s anti-corruption campaign, a number of billionaires went missing according to reports. Some have re-appeared like Yim Fung, the chairman of a financial firm in Hong Kong, Guotai Junan International. He returned to work and claimed that he was ‘helping authorities’ with an investigation in mainland China. This is the reason why the public directly accused the Chinese government of kidnapping Jack Ma. Recently, China had also been arresting journalists who questioned the government on Covid 19.

Criticism Of Chinese Financial Regulation System 

Jack Ma stood alongside top officials of CCP and stated that China’s financial regulatory system was outdated and hampered innovation. He took good 20 minutes for the speech in which he talked about China’s poor management details.

Reportedly, it made CCP and President Xi Jinping very furious. Later, regulators summoned Ma for questioning numerous times.

China’s Crackdown On Jack Ma’s Companies

The CCP had suspended Ma’s initial public offering (IPO) of Alibaba’s sister company Ant Group. It was worth 37 billion USD and could have been the biggest IPO ever in the international market. Chinese regulators accused Ma of using monopolistic practices with Alibaba and ordered him to downsize the business. They had also launched an antitrust probe into companies forcing them to rectify the consumer finance including the establishment of a detached holding company.

Ma has not responded to the controversy by the Chinese government. Reportedly, his last appearance was noted at the Double 11 shopping event on 31st October. Most of the speculation was on Twitter, which is blocked in mainland China. The Communist Party has also censored sensitive topics which is why it was not trending in China. Ma’s business continued to receive damage over the months.

But Where Is Jack Ma?

Until now, there is no clarity about the whereabouts of Jack Ma. Some reports on social media suggest that the Chinese Communist Party may have nothing to do with his disappearance, instead, he might be deliberately staying out of the public’s view. Jack Ma also reportedly lost around 12 million USD in these two months of spat with the government. A spokesperson from Alibaba told media that his replacement in African TV show was due to the scheduling conflict and denied further questioning.

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