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Where Is Palestine Map? Google and Apple Accused Of Digital Annexation

Where is Palestine Map? Recently a viral debate has started on social media regarding the fate of Palestine. The country the land of Prophets disappeared from the digital maps by Google and Apple. Many users tried to find it on their own but posted their failure on social media to demand answers.

People Trying To Find Out Where Is Palestine Map

People strongly condemned Google and Apple for digitally renaming an independent state that is recognized by 136 members of the United Nations. Few western nations led by the US do not share the same opinion.
Apparently Google maps also do not recognize Palestine as a free state which is why it is shown on the map as a part of Israel.

Many users on social media clarified that Google never put Palestine on the map which is the actual problem here.

Palestinians are proud of their heritage as Bella Hadid defended her background after possible racial action from Instagram. This user also proudly exclaims that no matter how hard they try, they cannot completely erase Palestine.

Possible Connection to Upcoming Annexation of Palestine

Israel’s corporate terrorism in the region automatically led Palestinians to believe that this move is also inspired by PM Netanyahu’s plan to annex the whole region.

Some went too deep and brought out Google’s interest in Israel. Both co-founders of Google have a Jewish background which puts them in the crosshairs of radicals and conspiracy theorists.

Palestinians have been raising voice for a long time but unfortunately, no one is interested to investigate the real issue of how a 72-year-old state with no basis in the region could be simply allowed to occupy a historic region.

Palestinians are expecting some practical support from the rest of the world like depriving Israel of power and rights over crucial businesses in developed and developing countries. But the activists and all those concerned about the human rights exploitation of Palestinians don’t seem to take any practical step.

Users also point out that those who are vocal think that not being represented through Google maps seems a major issue of the citizens, but in reality, there is much more to the misfortune of this Middle Eastern nation

So Google And Apple Support Israelite Agenda?

Unfortunately, Apple was silent and Google has not provided a satisfying answer. In 2016, Google claimed that they never added label named “Palestine” on the maps in first place. They admitted to have faced a bug which removed West Bank and Gaza Strip which are already occupied by Israel.

Tech giants have been largely accused of favoring the Israelite agenda. The elitist nation has occupied Palestine since 1967 and prevented it to be known as a separate country. This region was termed as The State of Palestine but people could not find it on an online map. This disturbing information led different people to share their opinion on why this happened.

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