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Social Media Trolls White House Christmas Decorations

Social media is trolling White House Christmas decorations for the reasons so obvious. These were the crimson coloured cone shaped trees that triggered folks to create some relatable, hilarious and some serious memes.

Before unveiling the WH decoration, the first lady, Melania Trump had also posted the pictures of her along with President Donald Trump receiving the Christmas tree.

On Monday 26 November when the first lady, revealed the decorations there seemed nothing special about them except those meme worthy red trees.

From where the inspiration for White House Christmas decorations came

They were calling them the bloody murderous trees.

This Twitter user doesn’t seem wrong for saying that these red coloured trees seem to be some kind of dedication to ex-cabinet members. Well, they do seem to be placed for such purposes.

There were a lot of similes and metaphors from Stephen King’ novel. And, this tweet says it all.

Here was another comparison from Stephen King’s The Shining.

And many were from Sesame Street as well.

Folks Criticising the President’s Policies

Not all those memes about White House Christmas decorations were that much hilarious. Few of them also showed a criticism on President Donald Trump’s policies. Like, this Twitter user compared the scene to Trump’s policy of separating children at Mexican border.

And, this twitter user said White House as house of horrors. People were also calling out how could Melania Trump tolerate the use of tear gas on immigrants and putting children in cages despite being a mother.

So Melania Trump’s spooky red forest in White House in the name of Christmas decorations has simply given Twitteratie another reason to slam Trump’s racist policies. There doesn’t seem to be any admiration from any corner except for the Christmas tree in the blue room.

It is to be noted that it is the second time Melania is facing wrath of social media users. First time, it was when first lady wore I don’t care jacket and now it is on White House Christmas decorations.

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