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White House Guidelines on Transgender Military Ban

The White House will soon unroll the new guidelines on the transgender military ban. The instructions will include guidelines on rejecting a job applicant during the recruitment process. Donald Trump is already working on entirely prohibiting the transgender from entering the United States Army.

Transgender Military Ban Applicability to Already Recruited Personnel

The new guidelines will also focus on the transgender working in US Army. It will include guidance on assessing the ability of transgender to be deployed. Therefore, the US Army will be asked to first evaluate each personnel before deciding their expulsion from the army.

Similarly, the new guidelines ask the military not to pay the medical bill of the transgender. There are no reports if it is the final version of the memo to be considered by the US Army. In response to a media inquiry, the Pentagon has stated that it did not receive any memo so far.

Furthermore, the statement added that the military is currently focusing on defending the country. Similarly, it added that the army would keep working on ensuring respect given to all its service members. Pentagon also said that it would provide an update to everyone once it receives the new guidelines.

Trump Trying to Cut Costs

Donald Trump wants to implement the transgender military ban since he is not happy with the expenses. He does not want the taxpayers’ money to go to the medical expenses. Similarly, the new guidelines will bar the military from spending money on gender reassignment surgeries.

White House Guidelines on Transgender Military BanA Reversal of Obama’s Policy on Transgender

Once the new guidelines about transgender military ban come into place, they will reverse the order by Obama. Under the Obama Administration, the transgender community for the first time became part of the US military. Although, the impact will be on a small portion of troops with estimates ranging from 2,000 to 11,000.

Social Conservatives Viewpoint

The social conservatives are oversensitive about this issue. They think that the US military has no place for the third-gender. Some Republicans went as far to refuse military funding if it does not exclude provisions for spending money on transition surgeries.

Transgender Community’s Response to the New Guidelines

One of the largest L.G.B.T Group of 500 active members strongly responded to the new guidelines and ban. The statement said that the L.G.B.T community members are first soldiers of the US army and then transgender. Furthermore, the community wants to serve the country in full faith and with all its heart.

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