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57-Year-Old Woman Arrested In Connection to Killing Lyra McKee

A 57-year-old woman has been arrested for inciting terrorism and the murder of Lyra Makee. Lyra, a free-lance reporter, had written articles for BuzzFeed and The Atlantic news. She died after being hit by a stray bullet.

Lyra McKee Got Shot While Reporting the Police Search 

On Thursday the police were conducting an area-wide search to find guns and explosives that might have been used for terrorist activities on Easter day according to a unanimous tip they received. While the search was going on a riot broke out between the IRA (Irish Republican Army) and the police.

The situation turned violent quickly. The New IRA volunteers started throwing cocktail bombs firecrackers and shooting at the police giving a complete disregard to the safety of the residents present there. Lyra McKee while reporting the incident got shot. The police rushed her to the hospital where she lost her life.

The New IRA is a splinter group of Provisional IRA that once fought for the United Ireland. It is to be noted that even now Irish Border between UK and EU is the major obstacle in the way of an acceptable Brexit deal.

The New IRA’s Response to Lyra’s Death

According to a press statement the New IRA said that they were sorry for the death of Lyra McKee. We have given our volunteers new guideline to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future.  She got mistaken as the enemy and got shot. We accept full responsibility for her death and offer our condolences to her loved ones.

A T’o’Neil signed the statement. The Easter Weekend when this incident occurred marked the anniversary of the Irish uprising in Dublin against the British rule and is an essential date in the Irish history.

Political Bodies Reaction to the Incident

Political bodies from all over Northern Ireland are condemning the incident. A member of a political party while speaking to the media said the incident was an attack on freedom of speech itself and proper step will be taken to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future.

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