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Who was a Greater Inventor?

Thomas Edison is a greater inventor by any stretch of the imagination. A man famous for illuminating the world with the bulb is just one of his contributions. The greater inventor had also contributed many other inventions.

Inventions of the Greater Inventor – Thomas Edison

Let us have a look at the inventions of the greater inventor.

The Light Bulb

Many attribute the invention of the light bulb to Thomas Edison. However, the greater inventor did not invent it. Thomas Edison worked on improving it, to make it less expensive and more reliable. The creation of the vacuum inside the bulb would make it less power hungry. Hence, this approach would increase the power efficiency of the light bulb. The bulb by Thomas Edison had more life than the ones available in the market at that time. Before the improvements in the light bulb, it was considered a luxury and something that everybody could not afford.


Thomas Edison, the greater inventor, made the phonograph. The device would record sound and play it back. It would use a needle for creating indentations on a drum. Later, Thomas Edison added discs and drums for permanently recording music. The phonograph was employed by him first to record the words from the famous poem “Mary had a little lamb.” He played the sound to give a listen to his staff members working alongside him.

Motion Picture

Who was a Greater InventorEdison developed the Kinetograph by working on the 35 mm celluloid film. He would cut the film into thin strips and roll it into a cylinder. He would play it to make it look like a film. The use of sprockets and shutter would help the viewer control the motion. At the time of this invention, only one person could view the film. The use of peep hole magnifier would let the viewers see around 50 feet role of the movie in just 20 seconds.

Electrographic Vote Recorder

The electrographic vote recorder was invented to help the US legislators record their votes in the US Congress. The idea was to help them quickly record their votes. The device would get connected to the clerk’s desk, with the names of the legislators embedded in it. Each legislator would come to that desk to select between a “Yes” and “No” switch.

Magnetic Iron Ore Separator

There was a time when iron prices got skyrocketed. Thomas Edison tried to capture the benefit of the price increase by implying a new method of separating iron from its ore. The idea was to use the magnetic force to separate metal from the low-grade cores. However, the subsequent fall in the price of iron and technical problems prevented Edison from completing his invention.

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