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Why is Alizeh Shah Becoming the Face of Controversy

Alizeh Shah is believed to be a fine actress in the Pakistani drama industry. Her recent show, Ehd e Wafa turned out to be a glorifying factor in her acting career. Also, her fans admire her looks and acting skills as they find her a promising star to bring versatility to the entertainment world. However, regardless of her impressive personality as an actor, some celebrities are having a hard time dealing with her attitude with them. The Pakistani celebrities, Yasir Nawaz and Humayun Saeed are on top of the list to despise Shah’s behavior with them. Moreover, Naveed Raza, the Pakistani leading actor talked in a show about how the actress lacks professionalism.

Naveed Raza Considers Alizeh Shah as Unprofessional

During the recent episode of Time Out with Ahsan Khan, Naveed Raza talked about Alizeh Shah and her past experiences with senior celebrities. According to Naveed, Shah has been rude, and disrespectful to her colleagues. He talked about how she insulted Humayun Saeed, actor, and Yasir Nawaz, the director. He added that when Humayun called her for shooting during covid, she refused and said “now you people will give me roles”. Other than that, she misbehaved with Yasir when he was drying his hair and she asked some worker to shift his seat since she couldn’t tolerate the dryer’s heat. Raza said that it doesn’t matter if you are talented and popular, you need to respect the seniors.

Industry Flashlights Portray Shah as a Bad Person

As per several people on social media, the Pakistani drama and film industry isn’t much glorifying as it seems. It has politics too. The Same politics might have happened with Alizeh Shah. People know a young girl from Ehd e Wafa, who performed marvelously well. On the other hand, many see her as a controversial figure since she was among the Pakistani celebrities who made it to google search trends due to her ‘leaked pictures’ scandal.

Actors Who Support Shah

Even though some actors are bad-mouthing about Alizeh Shah, some are standing with her. Apparently, no one recently took a stand for her after Naveed Raza’s remarks. However, previously when Yasir Nawaz and Nida Yasir talked about her during the ‘Time Out with Ahsan Khan’ show, the Pakistani actor, Feroze Khan defended her. He took it to social media and said that he has worked with Alizeh and it was great. He mentioned that she is a young actress without having an idea how to handle media. Thus, she is supposed to learn how to stand on her own. Lastly, he said that it is very uncool of the celebrities who try to shame the new kids in the industry.

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