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Why is Tiger Shroff Eager to Meet his Pakistani Fan?

Tiger Shroff has become an inspiration for many youngsters not just in India but also in other countries as well. The star is known for his action and dance skills in the Bollywood industry. The film star gained popularity right after his first movie ‘Heropanti’ which made 77.9 crores at the box office. The hero became an idealized personality by many kids, teenagers, and adults for his on-screen presence.  In the light of recent events, a video went viral on social media in which a Pakistani kid was doing breakdance. He was admired due to the steps including the splendid moonwalk which is the signature step of the Legend Michael Jackson. The kid told that his inspiration to dance is none other than the popular Indian actor, Shroff. Tiger tweeted after watching the viral video that he is hoping to meet the kid one day.

Who is The Kid Tiger Shroff Wants to Meet?

Subhan Sohail is a 10 years old kid from a village near Turbat, Baluchistan. The boy started dancing when he was only six. His school teacher, Amul Sakin Baloch was the one who shared his video on social media and made him known across the border. The boy is also a dance icon for the entire citizens of Balouchistan. The kid grasped the attention of Tiger Shroff as he posted on social media hoping to see his fan one day.

Kid’s love For Tiger and Dancing

The interesting thing about the kid is that he never took any professional lessons in dancing. While giving an interview, Subhan’s father, Sohail Ismail told the interviewer that his son watches the films and videos of Tiger Shroff and wants to become like him.

Subhan said that the kid has been an enthusiastic dancer as he practices daily for two hours in school and dancing has become his favourite activity now. He also mentioned during an interview that he used to feel shy and couldn’t dance in public but his family encouraged him to embrace his talent. He then started performing at school and family functions.

Celebrities Praise Pakistani Raw Talent

Tiger Shroff isn’t the only Bollywood star to admire the talent of young ones. Last year an online friendly tussle happened between Pakistani singer Shehzad Roy and Bollywood actor Anupam Kher over some kids from Pakistan who were performing an instrumental tune of the 80s Pakistani song ‘Ao bachon Sair Karain Tum Ko Pakistan Ki’ with the help of cans and sticks. Anupam thought that they were from India and playing ‘Banday Mai Tha Dum’ a song from the Bollywood movie Lagay Raho Munna Bhai. Shehzad Roy corrected Anupam Kher that the kids are from Hunza, Pakistan.

All in All, artists have an eye for other artists, and thus, celebrities even across borders admire emerging talent.

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