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Why Newton as Woman is Going Viral on Twitter?

Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board (PCTB) is under fire for making a huge blunder regarding Isaac Newton’s photo. According to an article written by Dr. Ayesha Razzaque, a publisher submitted a science textbook to PCTB some time ago for review and approval. PCTB found an image in which Newton was standing next to a tree wearing a gown from the World War II era and perhaps his traditional long and curly hair/wig. It caught the board’s eye who thought that Newton was a lady and advised the publisher to edit that picture and put a scarf on Newton’s head. The objection by the board became a laughing matter for so many people. They actually showed Newton as woman to make fun of PCTB’s decision-making skills.

Memers Make Newton as Woman to Highlight Problematic View of Men

Social media users highlighted how Pakistani men always blame ladies’ clothes for their own sick intentions. This is why they put Newton in dupatta to further stir up weird emotions of such men. They cannot just accept the fact that human beings were born naked and lived that way for several years. Their mind automatically sexualizes women and instead of feeling sorry, they blame that the dress made them think dirty thoughts. Perhaps the reviewer at PCTB was also like the same men who were blinded by their filthy minds and saw Newton as woman.

This piece of news was shocking for many people as the body in charge of education material in Pakistan, was unaware of what that picture implied. A science textbook, apple tree, and long-haired person in elitist dressing, all indicators pointed towards the historic moment when Isaac Newton discovered gravity. However, the gravity of PCTB’s psychological condition failed to recognize that due to vile thoughts about women.

Does the Board Even Know How to Read?

As the Board was more concerned about the image, people wondered if it could actually read what was written. Logically, if they read the passage, they would have known that it was Newton who was being discussed on that page. Reportedly, the board has previously banned 100 books after alleging that they contain distorted views about Pakistan’s establishment, its founder, and its religion.

Criticism on Questionable Literature

On the other, PCTB is also criticized for allowing discriminatory books to be published while banning potentially useful books. For example, the Islamic Studies book for Class VI contains the statement that if a person is a student, he cannot participate in jihad but can provide financial support for it.

In another instance, the same book for class VIII teaches that non-Muslims only use honesty as a business strategy while for Muslims, it’s faith. Moreover, the Social studies book for Class VII referred to Baloch protestors as “uncivilized people” who loot and shoot.

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