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5 Words that Describe Why People Are Unhappy

Social media is very cool in this regard that it gets hilarious reactions from people by just trending a phrase.  Recently, the trend #WhyImUnhappyIn5Words went viral. The replies that people posted in response are so hilarious. And, here were sharing them with you to let you know in a funny way why people are unhappy.

So Why People Are Unhappy?

As there are strange ways people entertain themselves, there are very diverse things that make them unhappy.

When we are unhappy in life, we usually tend to find the reason causing it, making things stranger for us.

No matter how much we may hate our job at the end of the day there is a part of us that is grateful for having it.  To lose it to someone less qualified is annoying.

. Folks were also sharing their opinions to take the opportunity of answering why they are unhappy. The passing of certain laws like anti-abortion law in different parts of the US is the biggest cause of being unhappy for some as they feel the rights of females are being undone.

There were more political reasons that folks had to share. Many people in the US and other parts of the world are desperate to watch Trump get impeached for his evil and inhuman policies that have split families and may even have torn homes.

Fools for Advisers

We all have a desire to surround ourselves with the best and the brightest set of people who can advise us on our day to day matters but making the right decisions becomes thought when we have idols as advisors

Humans have been known to commit some of the most savage acts ever recorded in history. The way we sometimes treat animals is astonishing. The cruel way some humans treat animals is the biggest reason people are unhappy. The answer to why people are happy shows us that it is all because of human activities.

Lack of Social Life

Many while responding to #WhyImUnhappyIn5Words, felt the leading cause of being unhappy in life is the absence of friends

People in dominant position often lie to people about so many things so for them to face no repercussions for it is nothing but an insult.

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