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Why Users Are Not Using Some Facebook Features Anymore?

Meta announced that some location features would be discontinued on the app after 31st May. The reason behind cutting down on Facebook features, including location history, weather alerts, background location, and info about nearby friends, is their decreased usage. Reportedly, on August 1st, the tech giant will wipe out the previously stored data based on the features. Some other factors were involved that probably made FB users drift away from using the functions.

Facebook Features Management

The company’s spokesperson, Emil Vazquez, confirmed the news about Facebook’s features discontinuity plan. Apparently, the plan is not to wipe out the whole structure entirely to manage the location and alert programs but to minimalise it a bit. The users will still be able to utilise the location services to see how their location data is collected and used by the platform. According to Facebook, the users have until May 31st to change their location settings because, after the given time, FB will disable the settings, and location history will be deleted automatically.

Facebook Still In Charge

Though the Meta-owned company announced that it would not be pursuing some Facebook features anymore, it will keep collecting users’ location info to some extent. The company said that it would continue to collect the data for other reasons, including keeping location check-ins and ads in coordination with the data policy. This means that until the given time margin, people can view, download or remove their location information in case they don’t want it to be used anymore. After that, the charge will be only in FB’s hand, and users will have no control.

Less Credibility and More Trust Issues

The Facebook features were meant to be turned off with time since it’s been the demand of the era now that other platforms and tech giants have done the same. People have stopped paying attention to Facebook, which was once the most popular among other social media platforms. Ever since Snapchat, Instagram, and some other apps have introduced certain features similar to Facebook’s, its popularity has witnessed a downfall. Also, the reputation of the app doesn’t seem to be much satisfactory nowadays due to its privacy policy and end-to-end encryption glitches. Last year, people were not happy with the new WhatsApp privacy policy. Before that, the Federal trade commission accused Facebook and other tech giants of compromising users’ data to generate revenue and profit. These are some reasons why people must have stopped trusting FB with their data and thus stopped using most of its features. They have found better alternatives to trust and scroll for entertainment.

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