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If WhatsApp Is Down Here Are Possible Reasons

WhatsApp went down on 15th June for one hour starting from 1:09 AM in Pakistan. The service was quickly restored but it left a lasting impression on the public. Users reported that the messaging application was able to open, but displayed a connection loop that prevented sending/receiving messages or put up WhatsApp status making users realize that WhatsApp Is Down.

Users were reporting their concerns on social media during the service outage. There were also those who did not notice the server issue because it was rectified within an hour. They came to know about WhatsApp not working after opening twitter much later.

Everybody Trying To See Why WhatsApp Is Down?

WhatsApp is a messenger app and VOIP powered by cellular or wireless networks. It goes down rarely which is why people created a bit of fuss on social media. If services are down for some reason then they are quickly sorted as claimed by the company.

When there are issues in WhatsApp apps for android or even iPhone, Twitter gains more visitors. People instead of waiting for the services to return further increase the traffic on the bird app

Well, this was not much concern for many people since they were in deep slumber at that time.

All of this happened while they were hibernating.

Many came to know when they woke up. Therefore it was really not an issue for them.

Folks who opened twitter to make sure that the messaging app was actually down; they would have been excited to see others.

It Was a Sad Moment for Some

Luckily, the messenger was down in night time so wonder why the morning loving Uncle was acting like this angry fan meme

Those who could not stay one hour with no WhatsApp tried every possible way to make the messenger work somehow. They might have deleted all app’s data as an attempt but after checking twitter they should have considered WhatsApp backup restore if they had made one.

For Others It Wasn’t a Big Deal

A server issue with the messenger app may not cause everyone to search for why Why WhatsApp is down. Those who were already aware of the shortcomings of the telecommunication industry did not bother to pay much attention except throw some memes on the situation.

And undoubtedly singles are more likely to be the least concerned with whatever happens with this app.

What Happened To WhatsApp?

An internal WhatsApp update caused problems for the app’s servers and users alike. The company apologized for the inconvenience and confirmed that the issue was resolved in 60 minutes. This is the first major service outage in a year. Previously, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook all three went down for 2 hours in 2019.

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