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Why is CD Projekt Red Postponing Witcher 3 Release?

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is supposed to be upgraded as the next-gen masterpiece. But, the video game company CD Projekt Red has delayed its release. The Witcher 3 franchise announced via a social media post that the game is yet to come, and anticipators will have to wait a bit more. The game first arrived among the gaming community in 2015, and ever since, it has gained massive popularity. Wild Hunt’s release date was due in the second quarter of the year, but the company’s plan has changed, given some necessary steps to make the game a better version.

Delay in The Witcher 3 Release

A strange turn of events occurred in the Witcher 3 gaming world recently. On Wednesday, the gaming development firm Projekt Red announced the delay in Wild Hunt’s arrival. The CD said that there is still some work to do on the upcoming Q2 game, and the team is evaluating it thoroughly. The bigger news was the game’s decision to bring the Witcher 3 in the house to make necessary updates and changes. The company tweeted that its in-house team of developers will tailor the next-gen Witcher 3 to run on PS5 and Xbox series X.      

What To Expect from Wild Hunt?

The CDPR hasn’t disclosed all the details regarding the updates and modifications in the Witcher 3. However, the reports say that the gaming experts are going to work on certain aspects, including refreshing rate, quicker load time, ray-traced lighting, and software management, in order to accomplish smooth compatibility with advanced hardware of PCs and consoles. Most importantly, the game is to be enhanced according to the adaptive triggers and haptic feedback for the DualSense controller. Also, the developers are bringing some features of the Netflix Witcher series, but it isn’t confirmed which specific features the gamers will encounter in the game. So far, the gaming community fond of Witcher games can expect smoothness in terms of Graphics, resolution, run time, and interface of the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Strategic Partnership

CD Project Red is looking forward to entertaining itself by partnering with Epic Games to present the 4th edition of the Witcher. The collaboration will utilize the Unreal Engine 5 to create the new version of Witcher. So far, The Witcher 3 is in the making process, and the gaming giants are already joining their heads together to create a new masterpiece.

Many RPG games are rolling around the gaming world, including the Elden Ring, Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, and Horizon Forbidden West but the upcoming Witcher games have made gamers a bit curious since two titles from the same series are under production, and none has a release date yet.

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