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Who is the Woman in Emirates Ad on Top of Burj Khalifa?

Emirates Airline recently released a video advertisement of a woman holding placards on top of Burj Khalifa. The advert went extremely viral for its uniqueness and the daring attitude shown by the model. Netizens were highly intrigued and grateful to learn about the woman in Emirates ad who dared to stand 2716.5 feet above the ground. The commercial garnered over 2 million views within one week on YouTube.

As it can be seen from the video, Emirates was trying to show its gratitude to the UK for allowing UAE into Amber List. The stunt was its way of saying that the UK’s decision made them feel like they were on top of the world.

Who is this Woman in Emirates Ad?

The woman in Emirates Ad is a cabin crew member and also a professional skydiving instructor. Her name is Nicole Smith-Ludvik who has over 17,000 followers on Instagram. According to her bio, she loves living her life to the fullest and sharing pictures of her adventures including skydiving, workout, and scenic vacations. About the viral ad, she claimed that it was the wildest and exciting stunt she had ever done.

Nicole has stunned the whole world by staying unshaken while she was literally on top of the world. The company Prime Production AMG produced the video and acknowledged that Nicole was the bravest woman they had seen.

Authenticity in Question

Initially the netizens were doubtful of the ad because of the obvious reasons. There was already a lot of fake stuff been thrown around on social media which made people question its credibility. However, the more they searched about the woman in Emirates ad, the more they realized that it was real. It was a golden moment for women empowerment groups because women were rarely portrayed in such a way that can inspire millions.

The Airline group also confirmed that their crew member agreed to shoot the ad on top of the world’s tallest building. It ensured that the company used all safety protocols for filming the advert. Also, they did not use green screens or special effects.

Behind the Scenes

They designed a special platform with a pole to protect the woman in Emirates Ad from possible accidents. Nicole was wearing a tactical harness hidden under her uniform which attached her to the pole and two other points on that platform. The crew climbed for more than 1 hour to reach the peak of Burj Khalifa from its 160th floor.

It took further 5 hours for them to shoot the whole thing with a single drone camera in one continuous take.

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