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A Pakistani Woman Used Facebook To Help Police Arrest Thieves

Saba Bano took a heroic action in managing to catch armed robbers in her house. She was self-quarantining from where she used Facebook to help police in tracking her location and arrest thieves.

Reportedly, the resident of Model Town, Lahore was suspecting that she has contracted COVID-19 disease so she was isolated in a separate room on the upper-portion of the house, which was away from her family.

The robbers entered from the front and took all of her family hostage. At first she did not know what was going on due to watching a film with headphones. She realized when she heard screaming of her sister. She hurried to the stairs to see two men dragging her father down while he was begging them to take whatever they wanted and leave.  

Saba Bano Used Facebook To Help Her Get Police Attention

She mentioned that she was totally blank and did not understand what to do. Then she finally mustered up the courage to post a status on Facebook.

It was a call for help so one status won’t do. She hoped that someone would help or at least tell her what to do. These calls for help were posted at 8:45PM on 7th June.

Police Could Not Find Location Of The Crime

Many people dialed the police helpline (15) and advised her to do the same. She called the police but they struggled in locating her house. 18 minutes later, she was still terrified and posted this

The situation was getting tense as the police were delaying the response and the robbers were getting agitated. They were not satisfied with whatever was available in house or perhaps they were demanding more valuables. Then after 8 minutes, she again updated her status

Danger Gets Closer

They came to check upstairs and started knocking at her door. They suspected that there were more people in the house. She remained hidden and kept informing about her current situation so the authorities so that they may act quickly.

Facebook Live Gave Away The Location

She activated Facebook Live in which the voices of the robbers can be heard outside her room. Given the late response from police, they had enough time to search the whole house. However, her location was visible to the police due to Facebook Live. One can wonder how much more time would have been wasted if Facebook was really banned in Pakistan.

Police Arrived At The Scene

The police managed to track the location from Facebook Live video and surrounded the area. She confirmed at 9:24PM that police had finally arrived and were trying to apprehend the criminals.

No One Was Harmed

The robbers tried to escape through the roof but the rooftops were also fielded by the police. There was no way for them to escape, one guy opened fire in the air but the police finally arrested them.

At 9:56 PM, everything was sorted, she appeared calm and thanked everyone on Facebook for their support.
The robbers are currently in police custody and the FIR has been registered in Faisal Town police station. An amazing display of courage and patience from Saba Bano is commendable. She definitely possesses some of the qualities of a strong woman.

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