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Woman Writer From KPK Asked 100K Worth Of Books In Haq Mehr

A writer from Mardan in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) province of Pakistan, Naila Shamal asked 100k (1 lac) worth of books from her husband. She appeared in a vlog and said that her husband is also a writer, who loves books as much as her. She made this demand for her Haq Mehr, which is a wedding right of Muslim women. Normally women aim for gold, cash, properties, or other assets while demanding Haq Mehr from men. This is why the decision of this woman writer from KPK to settle with books shocked a lot of people. But there were also those who loved her gesture to choose books over materialistic things.

Woman Writer From KPK Wins Hearts For Her Love Of Books

Naila made people wonder how can someone love books so much. In the video, she mentioned that due to the devastating impact of growing inflation in Pakistan, they were not able to afford anything luxurious. Unlike many people who organize grand weddings with hundreds of people, Naila wanted to put an end to questionable traditions. She further said that the people’s lives were getting increasingly difficult because of some unnecessary traditions, they have imposed.

People Making Fun Of Her

Some people doubted the intelligence of this woman writer from KPK, who threw away such a wonderful opportunity to demand almost anything. She gave them the idea that she might be not familiar with the concept of Haq Mehr. As per certain opinions, she could have asked for as much cash as possible and bought books with it later. Her decision might further encourage those men who already look for such excuses to evade their duties associated with marriage.

However, Naila Shamal explained in the video that she does not care if every woman wants financial security in Haq Mehr. She respected herself as a writer and said that if she herself did not value books, how could she ask others to value them. She hoped to set an example that people must value real things instead of having materialistic desires.

Who Is The Couple?

The woman writer from KPK belongs to the Tangi area of ​​North Safi Charsadda and her husband Dr. Sajjad Jwandun is from the Bhai Khan area of ​​Mardan. Dr. Jwandun has completed his Ph.D. in Pashto and Naila is currently pursuing it. The groom expressed his happiness over her wife’s demand for Haq Mehr while talking to the media. According to reports in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the standard demand for Haq Mehr is between 1 and 2 million PKR while dowry has different demands as well.

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