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How Can Women Be Navy Seals?

SEALs are the Navy’s sea, land, and air forces. They perform the tasks which regular military regiments are unable to do. Navy Seals usually hit the high-value targets, perform covert operations, conduct intelligence and indulge in unique military reconnaissance. Given such strict responsibilities, SEALs have to undergo mentally and physically challenging training that tests their abilities to combat warfare.

Prerequisite for women to become the Navy SEALs is the same as those for men. Till now, women have made to the Seals training, but they have not graduated to become a navy seal.

Here is how women can become Navy Seals?

In December 2015 Defense Secretary Ash Carter directed to open all kind of military jobs to women; this included the harsh posts for commandos and Navy Seals. So, officially, it has become possible for women to become Navy Seals. Becoming a Navy Seal might be difficult for females, but such difficulty has nothing to do with gender. We have just witnessed a woman in wheelchair competing for Miss Australia. A woman must be mentally strong enough to be confidant for contesting in such pageant. Briefly, it just requires the ability to accept mentally and physically challenging roles.

Eligibility Criteria for Undergoing Training for Navy Seals

Who can apply for a Navy Seal program?

  1. Civilians who have never been in military can apply
  2. Sailors and midshipmen who are already working in other departments of Navy can request a transfer.
  3. People who are already offering their services in military

To enroll in a Navy Seal Training Course, candidates have to meet following eligibility criteria.

Given the grueling nature of Navy Seals training program and a strict job that Seals have to perform, candidates have to go through following training tests.

  1. PST (Physical Screening Test for Seals)
  2. ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery)
  3. C-Sort (Psychological Battery Test)

Navy Seals

What is the Seal Training?

Seal training program is the most difficult one. According to stats, almost 75% of candidates drop out midway; from 1000 trainees only 250-200 manages to become navy seals. The training program for Seals follows two phases. The first phase initial training of 12 months that includes, Basic Underwater Demolition, Seal Bud, Parachute Jump School and, Seal Qualification Training. After this, candidates also have to undergo an 18 months pre-deployment training.

Prospects for Women to become a Seal

Women are eligible to become Seals. In 2017, first ever woman, who made the training finally dropped out and couldn’t meet her goal of becoming the first ever Seal. But such an inability has nothing to do with gender. The dropouts are also high among the men. If more women participate in any such training, then they can have more chances to become navy Seals.

Preparing for the Tests

A woman who wants to become a Navy seal must start preparations in advance. She can start by taking physical exercises and doing jumps, sit-ups, push-ups and swimming exercises on a daily basis. Training required for a Navy Seal is much tough, it pushes a person to his mental and physical limits, to enable him for the perfect role for the post.  An aspirant must also undergo preparation in the same manner, so that training doesn’t remain that much challenging.

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