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Wonder Woman 1984 to Now Stream on HBO Max

After a long time, the wonder woman in 1984 is finally all set to hit the cinema’s screens The bigger and exciting news for DC fans is that the film is about to be streamed on HBO Max as well in theaters on the same day. This is indeed good news for fans who have waited so long for the film but now feel hesitant to go to theatres due to covid can watch it from the comfort of their homes.

DC fans have been waiting for the new wonder woman movie since October 2nd, which was its first official release date. However, the movie was not ready for its big day due to significant reasons including the bad performance of Christopher Nolan’s Tenet at the box office because of pandemic and increased covid19 cases. 

Wonder Woman 1984 Has A Good News For HBO Max Subscribers 

The world has suffered a lot because of coronavirus and pandemics. Most of the movie lovers haven’t been able to watch films in the cinemas. Moreover, the fans have waited long enough for the movie, therefore, good news for HBO Max subscribers: Wonder Woman 1984 is going to be available on the platform for a month with no extra subscription charges. The subscribers will be able to watch it with a regular subscription to HBO Max. 

Gal Gadot addressed fans and viewers while expressing her emotions towards her new wonder woman film. She said it was a tough job to put a hold on the release of the movie since people had been waiting for it. This was a good time to reveal what the movie was bringing for the DC fans, as the whole world was suffering from a pandemic, everyone deserved a break from the stress. She also hoped that movie turned out to be as special for fans as it was for her. Furthermore, she mentioned that HBO Max subscribers can enjoy it on the platform or they can visit the cinemas, which are safe. 

What About Those Places with No HBO Max Access?

Not every region is equipped with streaming platforms, which is why the new Wonder Woman 1984 will debut in theaters on December 16, 2020. This flexibility in the release is only in the countries where HBO Max is not available to the public. 

Allegedly, this will give a lead to the people, who will watch the movie beforehand, over those who will have to wait for a whole week to enjoy the movie in theaters as well as on the platform. 

What Is All The Fuss Regarding The New Wonder Woman Film

The first wonder woman movie grossed around $600 million at the box office because of its popularity. It was DC’s first movie to portray a female superhero in lead. Presumably, Gal Gadot was the reason behind its great success. Similarly, wonder woman 1984 is also experiencing good hype due to its prior success rate.  Even the trailer of the film looks promising to entertain the fans. 

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