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Wonder Woman Doing Wonders at the Box Office

The movie Wonder Woman is smashing box office records. As of Wednesday, the film is grossing around $600 million at the box office. The movie Wonder Woman is poised to gross as the highest earner for a female live action movie.

Currently, the Phyllida Lloyd’s movie Mama Mia was able to earn around $609 million. The movie will be able to become the highest grossing by the weekend.

Wonder Woman Surpasses a Major Hit

Besides topping the charts, the Wonder Woman movie could also take over the record for Kung Fu Panda 2 at the box office. The film could earn a lot more money than expected. The film also broke the record for the largest opening week. It is the first film to reach the opening week record of $600 million. Wonder Woman has also broken the records for mega movies like Suicide Squad and Batman VS Superman for business within the US. It is one of the biggest hits by Warner Bros.

Speed of Breaking the Record

It is not just the total amount of money earned. The movie rose to fame within minimum possible time. It overcame the 14 week run of Suicide Squad. The opening week of the film got a massive $103 million in earnings. Many critics gave excellent quality picturization and word of mouth marketing as the two primary factors behind the film’s success.

Will Wonder Woman Hit a Billion Mark?

There are bright chances of Wonder Woman grossing over $1 billion at the box. There are a lot of countries remaining for the movie to get played. Box office watchers believe that the film may be able to hit the billion-dollar mark by August this year.

Why Had Wonder Woman become such a Big Hit?

Wonder Woman Doing Wonders At the Box OfficeIt turns out that a lot of people like to see a woman in charge. There were no strong female heroes in the past making that strong presence. The movie sets a first preamble for the upcoming female superhero movies. Captain Marvel will hit the box in 2019.

It is a risk as some might say for the production team to vouch for such a big budget for a female superhero movie. The film, besides the usual action, also gives a touch of humor and romance. It is the first time in Hollywood when the gender of the hero did not matter to the audience. Instead, they were only concerned about the storyline.

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