Monday, April 22, 2024
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The famous blogging platform will now offer bloggers the opportunity to make sales online. They will be able to use their website as a marketplace. The launch of a new button by Automattic will make it a lot easy for the bloggers to receive payments via PayPal. The news reports suggest that this feature will also be available to the self-hosted WordPress websites. Thus, it will enable bloggers to empower their users to accept payments quickly.

Availability of the PayPal Integration

The new payment option in is made available to both Premium and Business users. The Premium account costs $8.25 per month. The users of Business account pay $24.92 per month. However, these costs charged by do not include the transaction fee. Many of the PayPal users do not consider it as the most competitive only payment method.

The Insertion of Payment Button

The webmaster of the WordPress needs to insert the button for receiving payments. As a webmaster you need to give details about the item you are selling online. It includes a description of the product or service, the cost the buyers have to pay, and a product image. You also need to enter a PayPal address for receiving these payments.

The Buying Process

PayPal has made it easy for the buyers using this button for making purchases. The integration of PayPal does not change the user experience. Once you click the button to make the purchases, it will take you to the regular checkout. Webmasters cannot customize this part of receiving the payments. Offering PayPal Integration To Sell OnlineAutomattic’s Focus on Adding More Functionality

Automattic is already making a lot of efforts to increase its focus on the hosted platforms. Customers can now make payments for using third-party themes and plugins created by Automattic. It will give the company the same kind of ease of use other hosting services like GoDaddy and DreamHost offer.

What Impact Will PayPal Integration Have on WordPress Community?

PayPal integration has always remained an issue for the webmasters. They needed to rely on ecommerce plugins to receive payments. There were several other challenges that they had to overcome.

The new yet seamless PayPal integration into WordPress takes the hassle of integrating the payment system. Bloggers who are not tech-savvy can now receive payments with super ease. For example, imagine a blogger selling an item online. Instead of going through this entire process of integration, they will only have to add this button. Once the button is up, the blogger will be able to start receiving payments almost immediately.

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