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Here Are Some Perfectly Relatable Work from Home Memes

Amidst coronavirus pandemic, offices all over the world have been closed down and their employees are working from home.The situation has turned into really hilarious scenario giving rise to funny work from home memes.

People around the world are following work from home policies. Communication or discussion through video conferencing is only solution left.

If you are among those workers making an abrupt switch to the world of videoconferencing because of the coronavirus pandemic, you might be needing a lugh.

Hilarious Work from Home memes on the internet

Social media is now swarmed with work from home memes about the sudden work-from-home transition to give you some comic relief during this uncertain time:

Dressing up and going to office is dream come true for some people but it is a nightmare for some. Particularly those people who have house hold work to do side-by-side are really in the most laughable situation.

Dressing up for work or not it totally depends on the gender

Here is how it really looks like working from home.

This video showing the employee forgetting to turn off the video after video conference ends has brought rib tickling laughter for viewers.

Writer-director H.P. Mendoza shares the funny teleconferencing about how employees struggle with video call which has turned out to be the one of the best work from home memes 

Some folks are sharing good conference call etiquettes from their experiences

Those about Work from Home Set up

Not everyone is taking calls in perfectly colorful spaces, with artwork hanging on the walls and fresh flowers in beautiful vases. Many people are creating desks using everything from laundry baskets and recycling bins to washing machines and even a tiny children’s piano.

Who imagined that even a laundary room could be turned into an office.

This reddit post which has gone viral about how woman copes up with work and house side by side has turned out to be one of the hilarious work from home memes.

Work from home is a real struggle when your family members and even pets keep popping between your video call.

Even cats are interfering with the work routine.

Narrative Director John Epler shared some work from home tips and tricks.

People are amazed by what they’re learning about their spouse and in case you ever really get annoyed? Well, there’s always this option:

There is everyone, from the ones who are loving work from home to the ones who cannot wait to go back to the office and meet their colleagues.

The Struggle to Work from Home Is Real

People are confused and exhausted.

Work from home is a really struggle while kids are around and hard steering is only solution while on video conferencing.

Or this is how they are simply keeping themselves busy.

Even social media platforms have different perspectives to share regarding work from home depending what are they meant for.

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