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The World Condemns Sri Lankan Blasts That Killed 290 People

The world is condemning the horrible Sri Lankan Blasts that took place on Easter evening in a massive gathering on Sunday evening. The blasts claimed the lives of at least 290 and wounded 500 people.

Condolences For Sri Lankan Blast

According to authorities, at least eight separate attacks took place in churches and hotels. Hotels like the cinnamon hotel and Shangri la hotel were particularly targeted as a lot of tourists stay there. A total of 290 people have lost their lives and injured another 500. According to Sri Lankan, foreign minister at least 40 foreign nationals like American and British are among the dead.

Leaders from around the world are condemning the horrible attack. The American president Donald Trump while condemning the attack assured Sri Lanka that they ready to help as needed.

The British Prime minister in a tweet said that no one should practice their faith in fear and was appalled by the horrible attack 

Pakistanā€™s Prime Minister Also Condemned the Attack And Offered Assistance If Required

The Indian president while condemning the horrible incident said that senseless acts have no place in a civilized society.

 The foreign minister of India while condemning the attack assured Sri Lanka that it is ready to offer any humanitarian assistance if required and has medical staff on standby if needed.

The Indian high commission in Colombo has confirmed the identity of three Indian nationals who died in the Sri Lankan blast

Celebrity View on the Matter

Stars from all over the world have also condemned the horrible attack. Former cricketer and Pakistani captain Shahid Khan Afraid also expressed his grieve on the incident.

The Indian media has yet again jumped the gun by blaming the horrible attack on Muslim extremist as it will benefit certain people in the election to come. Many Indians view this as a disgraceful and sickening act.

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