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Qatar World Cup Ticket Prices Cost Less than IPL

World Cup ticket prices are lower than the ticket prices of the cricket tournament Indian Premier League (IPL). FIFA World Cup 2022 will arrive in Qatar from November 21 to December 18. Fans worldwide are queuing up to purchase tickets before they run out. According to reports, the price of the cheapest spot in the attendance for the World Cup is way lower than India’s cricket tournament.

World Cup Ticket Prices Prompt Indians to Go to Qatar

The IPL Season 15 is in full swing in India. It began on 26th March 2022 and will end on 29th May 2022. Even though India is known to be a cricket crazy nation, current factors push Indians to buy tickets for the World Cup in Qatar. One factor is the cheaper world cup ticket prices, and the second is the close distance between India and the host nation. According to reports, India ranked 7th on the list of countries applying to attend the 2022 World Cup.

Only Cheap in the Beginning

World Cup ticket prices are reportedly cheaper for the initial matches only.  For example, according to Indian media, fans will be paying as low as 250 QAR for Spain vs Germany on 27th November. It is equal to around 5,200 INR, which is 2 times less than the matches happening in IPL.

FIFA set the price even lower for Qatar residents to sweeten the deal. The hosts would pay up to 40 QAR, which is equivalent to 830 INR. It is the lowest ever charge for any World Cup host since the Mexico World Cup in 1986.

However, just as the prices for group stages have gone cheaper, the tickets for later games grew costly. The most expensive ticket for the final World Cup match would be around 5850 QAR, equal to 1,22,000 INR. However, the cheapest one would be about 2180 QAR or 45,000 INR, which is only 10,000 more than what fans are paying for IPL tickets.

How to Buy 2022 FIFA World Cup Tickets?

World Cup ticket prices may be cheaper right now for India, but there is nearly a 50% increase from the last World Cup in Russia. The tickets went on sale from 5th April and will stop on 28th April. The applicants will be chosen through a lottery system. FIFA will reportedly release the result of the random selection draw by 31st May.

Applicants can purchase tickets from with a valid passport, email account, and a globally accepted bank card. There are 4 different types of tickets fans can buy; ‘individual matches’, ‘team-specific’, ‘stadium-specific’ and ‘accessibility’. Logging into a FIFA account will create a Fan ID for moving around in Qatar. 1 ID can apply for up to 6 tickets per match and 60 tickets in the entire tournament. Fans can edit their applications before the last date, i.e. 28th April. They will pay for their tickets after FIFA announces the selection on 31st May.

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