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All You Need to Know About World’s Longest Flight

Battles of the airlines to offer world’s longest flight has achieved another milestone. 19 hours long non-stop flight from Changi Airport, Singapore to New Ark Airport is all set to take off.

World’s Longest Flight

Singapore Airlines flight SQ22 will take off from Changi Airport at 11:35 pm on October 10. The flight will land in New York on Friday, October 11, at 6 am.

The A 350-900 ULR (ultra loud range) is a long-range twin-engine craft by Air Bus which is designed to travel with 20% and 30% fuel efficiency.

It is to be noted that this is not the first nonstop flight from Changi Airport to New Ark Airport by Singapore Airline. It earlier introduced the longest flight in the early years of the last decade, but that was not energy efficient. Further, high fuel costs made the trip expensive and it ended up being an all business class flight.

The world’s longest flight which is all set to fly on October 11, is getting all that attention for its energy-efficient factor.

Passengers of World’s Largest Flight

The New York-bound flight is likely to complete its journey in 18 hours 45 minutes. But, it can travel 20 hours non-stop with greater fuel efficiency.

The flight has a mix of passengers from Premium economy class and business class. Its route is strategic as it covers a journey between world’s two popular financial hubs Singapore and New York. So, it is more likely to accommodate the passengers who want to travel non-stop and quickly reach their destinations to meet their engagements.

The October 11 flight of SIA is likely to have more than 160 passengers, with more than ten trained crew members. The flight will have 90 business class passengers on board, while others will be of premium economy class. The crew members will reportedly offer their duties with mandatory 4 hours sleep.

The economy class passengers will get three fixed meals and refreshments in between while Business class passengers will get two meals any time with, refreshments.

Other Non-Stop Flights of the World

The New York-bound flight which will take off from Changi Airport Singapore will be the world’s longest flight, but it is not new to take this credit. Many airlines from different countries are already offering non-stop flight for various destinations. Qatar Airways is already flying its jet from Doha to a Auckland for a non-stop flight of seventeen hours and forty-five minutes.

Qantas airline flight is another non-stop air journey from Perth to London, in 17 hours 20 minutes. According to media reports, the airline is looking to initiate non-stop flights for other shorter journeys. Airlines which are offering long non-stop flights include Singapore International Airline, Qatar Airways, Qantas, United Airlines, Etihad Airways, Delta Airlines, and Saudi Airlines.

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