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Iceland WOW Air Announced It Is Stopping All Operations

prices and the reduction of tourist to Iceland is the primary cause of shutting down operations. This came as a shock to many.

Why Is WOW Air Stopping All Operations

According to media reports besides the rising fuel prices and reduction in tourists to Iceland  delays in flight and bad customer ratings have also played a significant role in shutting  down WOW Air.

The airline started its operation in 2012 with, Skuli Mogensen as chief executive. By 2018 the airline employed 1000 people and had transported 3.5 million people on 11 planes around the world.

The airline gained fame for its ultra-low prices and then surprising its customers with all sorts of charges once a passenger got on board. The airline charged people for extra leg space, luggage storage, seat selection, and even refreshments. Such things on many airlines are either complementary or free of cost.

Where did the airline fly to?

The airline operated flights between Iceland, the EU, and northern America. It even flew to New York, Washington DC, and Boston. The airline had the cheapest fares as compared to other airlines. It charged 200 dollars for a flight to the USA.

It is to be noted that Iceland is one of the famous tourist destinations. Visitors make their way to this country for seeing Northern lights and other such exhibits of nature.

How Are People Reacting to the Situation

Many people are sad to see WOW Air stop all their operations leaving many stranded and made them feel as if their lives don’t matter.

Even though the Airline has stopped all operations, it is still advertising fairs, and this is seriously annoying the people

The CEO of the airline was awarded the best businessman of the year award in 2017 in Iceland many are wondering if they regret their decision

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