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Why Wuhan Lab Leak Theory Is Making China Upset?

US President Joe Biden advised the intelligence officials to intensify their efforts in finding out how humans were exposed to this virus for the first time. China has criticized US plans of further investigating the Wuhan Lab Leak theory, according to which Covid-19 came from a Chinese lab.

China accused the US of playing blame games and rejected the links between Coronavirus and Wuhan’s bio lab. Some of the Chinese state-backed media started to promote that the US military had a hand in launching COVID-19.

What is Wuhan Lab Leak Theory?

Coronavirus was first detected in the city of Wuhan at the end of the year 2019. Since then, there have been reports of more than 168 million infections and 3.5 million deaths worldwide. Authorities in charge linked early infections to a local seafood market in Wuhan. It led scientists to form a theory that this virus was first transferred from animals to humans.

However, recently US media have been suggesting that there is sufficient evidence to conclude that virus could have caused by a lab in Wuhan through an accident or a leak. Thus, the Wuhan lab leak theory got a significant drive on social media.

Why is the US Pursuing it now?

Many activists and concerned persons pushed the possibility of the Wuhan lab leak however, critics are dismissing it theory as a conspiracy. However, now the same theory is on the front page of every mainstream media agency.

Reportedly, Joe Biden said that he asked for a report on Coronavirus origins after taking the office.  Upon reviewing the report, he said there were two possible scenarios; either covid emerged from contact between a human and an infected animal or from a laboratory incident. He claimed that he asked for additional follow-up on the report.

The majority of the US intelligence agreed on those two scenarios, but could not believe that there was enough information to decide which one was more likely than the other. He asked the agencies to work harder in collecting and analyzing data to reach a definitive conclusion.

Chinese Officials Angry at Biden’s Announcement

Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian dismissed the Wuhan lab leak theory by the US and questioned its intelligence. He alleged that the US does not care about facts or science-based studies of origins. Furthermore, he said the US aimed to use the pandemic as a tool for carrying out political manipulation, blame-shifting, and stigmatization. He also mentioned that the US was being disrespectful to science, irresponsible towards the lives of people, and unhelpful in concentrated efforts to fight Covid-19.

China did not single out Biden’s order but accused US intelligence agencies of having a dark history of promoting misinformation. China has faced similar slurs from the US in the past like former CIA director Mike Pompeo calling it a Wuhan Virus.

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