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Famous Xbox Video Game Halo To Get Screen Adaptation on Showtime

Hit Xbox video game Halo is going to get a screen adaptation in the form of a 10-episodes scripted drama.

Showtime Drama on Xbox Video Game Halo

Cable channel Showtime announced the scripted drama on the hit Xbox video game on Thursday.

So Kyle Killed who created the Awake and Rupert Wyatt who directed the Rise of the Planet of the Apes will make the screen adaptation of superhit Xbox video game Halo. According to media reports, the series was in development from 2014, and it has now it has been officially ordered by Showtime. And, with likes of Kyle Killen and Rupert Wyatt as showrunner and executive producer respectively, on board the series has the chances to emerge as a well-carved out with a potential to become an onscreen masterpiece.

According to media reports, the TV series will take place in the same universe as of the game, and it will dramatize the Convent- 26th-century conflict between humanity and aliens. Further, it will also have personal stories weaved down with action, adventure and with a vision of future.  So, it is going to be fun for video gamers to watch the characters they have playing in the game.

For viewers who love to watch the action and thrill the news of halo’s screen adaptation is as big as the news of Game of Thrones Prequel in works.

Halo As A Popular Video Game

Getting a chance to watch a drama out of a favorite Xbox video game Halo is going to be an onscreen treat for the science fiction fans. The game that Microsoft’s Xbox developed in 2001 is as popular as the League of Legends which has become a cultural icon in Western Europe and North America. It is a first-person shooter game that has got some amazing characters for the gamers.

Xbox video game Halo had gained popularity as a global phenomenon. It had witnessed a sale of 77 million copies and earned an estimated $5billion. Translating such successful video game into a screen adaptation while justifying those themes is going to be a huge challenge for the creators of the show.

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