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Samsung Helps Xiaomi Launch A New Smartphone With 200 MP Camera

Reportedly, Samsung, one of the big tech giants is going to help Xiaomi launch a new smartphone with a 200 megapixels camera. The Chinese smartphone company is aspiring to be an equal of popular and most utilized brands. Also, in the world where TikTok, Snapchat, Snack video, and many other significant video-making applications are active, the need for a good camera result is a demand of every user. This might be another reason for producing a phone with the world’s latest and most advanced camera. 

How is Samsung Assisting Xiaomi Launch A New Smartphone?  

Samsung and Xiaomi are not aligning the first time as both companies have collaborated before. Samsung’s ISOCELL image sensors were the first-ever lenses to offer 100 MP and Xiaomi was the first one to test and use it. Now, Samsung is going to help Xiaomi launch a new smartphone with a 200 MP sensor. Although none of the companies have disclosed when the newest invention is going to be launched. 

What To Expect From A 200 MP camera?

200 megapixels are way too much when it comes to smartphone photography. Besides, the world only has a smartphone with 100 MP. The upcoming venture will be the biggest if it offers the results it claims to have. Considering the current 108Mp sensor that has a 2x and 3x lossless digital zooming capability, the supposedly imminent lens should show much better performance. According to the specification of the sensor, it should support sufficient resolution for 16k video. 

Whichever phone Xiaomi is going to launch with the most efficient camera, it might need to note down a few things. Most importantly, smaller pixels if they do not wish to create another Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra that has a huge back camera panel. 

Moreover, many smartphone users look for a fast phone with excellent features, which puts the brand in a difficult spot. The reason is that the upcoming phone might not be able to put up with its venture since a GPU chip and processor must be compatible with the camera. If it fails to comply with the specification of the phone according to the lenses, the smartphone might not give a user-desired performance. 

How Is Xiaomi Going to Compete? 

Surely, Samsung is helping Xiaomi launch a new smartphone by providing it with the world’s most efficient camera lens. Although, the phone might not fit into the category of mid-range smartphones because of its alliance with the tech giant and the technology it will use in the smartphone. This will make it an expensive model in the world where users look for either cheap phones or devices with an apple or Samsung logo on them. The question here is that how much will it cost and would people pay for it rather than buying an already advanced and more popular brand over an emerging Chinese one. 

What’s In It For Samsung?  

It seems that Samsung is expanding its business by covering the market of tech companies. Certainly, the company has the means to sell its technology to other companies. Samsung’s way of helping Xiaomi launch a new smartphone will increase the market value of Samsung products as well. There is also a possibility that Despite admiring Xiaomi’s device, the users will get attracted to the leading competitor of the industry.

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