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Y Tho Meme Helps TikToker User Land Job Interview

A woman has revealed on TikTok how using a meme turned job rejection into a call for an interview. Five days ago, a user named SwedishSwan uploaded a clip on TikTok detailing her struggle in applying for various jobs. She was interested in a particular job, but the hiring manager initially rejected her for the position. The disheartened candidate decided to follow up with the employer and ask why she was denied the role. However, instead of essaying an appeal, she chose to reply to the rejection e-mail with a popular y tho meme.

Woman Sends Y Tho Meme in Response to Rejection

In the video, the woman said she took the page out of Generation Z’s (children born between 1995 – 2012) playbook, who loves to communicate in memes. She also confirmed that the y tho meme worked, and the employer contacted her again. They sent her another email showing their interest in interviewing her. The TikToker could not believe how it was possible. She shared the funny meme, thinking she had nothing to lose as she was already rejected.

@swedishswan #greenscreen ♬ original sound SwedishSwan

The video had received 2.5 million views, with many users responding with interesting comments. They said they would have instantly booked the interview if someone had sent this meme to them.

What is this Meme All About?

The viral y tho meme first started circulating in 2014 in many shapes and forms. It is typically used as a rhetorical response to another person’s statements or actions that might be odd in nature and need explanation. The meme is based on the famous 1964 painting of Pope Leon X by Fernando Botero.

The Columbian figurative artist and sculptor was famous for his signature style known as “Boterismo”. He depicted public figures in an exaggerated volumetric manner, which made them look bloated. Such paintings represent political criticism or fun, depending on the subject.

The internet has turned that painting into a meme that relates to many curious souls out there.

Gen Z’s Modus Operandi

Many, including the TikToker, praised Gen Z for normalising this kind of behaviour. One user said that these kids were “wizards of life” and have mastered the art of “not giving a fu*k” about anything.

In recent years, several employers have been sharing the interesting responses they get from Gen Z employees on social media. In March, one Gen Z candidate also sent the y tho meme to the employer upon rejection. That recruiter also shared a video on TikTok, saying how much she loved it.

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