Saturday, December 2, 2023
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YouTube Bans Dangerous And Distressing Pranks

Youtube has decided to take strict action against dangerous videos on its platform. The streaming media announced on Tuesday that it will ban the videos that may cause any distress to the viewer and the maker.

What Caused YouTube To Take this Action You Ask?

YouTube has  keenly noticed that the number of dangerous prank or distressing videos being posted or uploaded has increased since the last year. Such videos are causing harm to people in a number of ways; like, they are distressing or causing injuries to the viewers. In some cases, the filming of these videos has also resulted in the death of the person making them

Here are the Examples of Some Insane Challenges

Many examples strengthen the case for YouTube’s action,  latest being a US teenager who crashed while driving with her eyes covered as part of the Bird Box Challenge.  According to media reports neither teenager nor the driver was injured.

Amongst other challenges that prompt youtube to take strict action is Tide Pod Challenge that asks people to bite down and ingest the tide pod. Various companies launched campaign to educate people against this challenge.

Another viral dangerous trend is fire challenge.  Here people spray a flammable liquid on their body and set themselves on fire and see for how long they can resist the pain.

There was a weird kiki challenge that caused several roadside accidents.

Reaction From Youtube Community

The youtube community has welcomed this act. They opined to do everything they could to help the streaming media as their intention was not to inspire others to harm themselves or put others in harm way for the sake of fame.

One YouTuber from Pakistan in a news show told  that a majority people think that they make prank videos willy nilly.  What they don’t understand is that there is a lot of research that goes into making our pranks even though we don’t make it look like that.

He further added that you need to be 100% sure that your prank is not in any way taboo or harmful for themselves or others. He also talked about knowing a YouTuber who died while filming such prank.

Other YouTubers have already made videos telling their fan/follower not to do something stupid or foolish.

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