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YouTube celebrity Etika found dead after missing for a week

After conducting a week-long search, Daniel Desmond Amofah, also known as to the YouTube community Etika, has been found dead by the New York police department.

Etika Was Missing For A Week

The 29 year New Yorker was a well reputed YouTube and gamer who had about 8 million subscribers. The police is still investigating the reasons behind his death. Even though police have found certain documents showing he suffered from a range of mental illnesses, nothing can be said with assurance.

Etika was first reported missing on 19 June 2019. On, 24 June the NYPD posted a tweet asking the general public for help.

Fans Reaction

His fans are heartbroken after they came to know about his death .to them his content was simply the best content they have ever seen, and nobody will be able to fill his absence.  To

While others fearing that people might try to commit suicide just like there idol .they started posting quotes and motivational videos asking people to come to their senses and grasp reality. If one person made a mistake, it doesn’t mean you should too.

Before presumably taking his own life the YouTube posted on final video titled “I’m sorry” in which talked about taking his own life. The video has since been deleted and is being analyzed.

There Were Clear Signs Showing He Had A Mental Illness

The signs of mental illnesses aren’t so hard to hie, and at times, even an untrained professional can identify them; you just need to observe the patient. Similarly, if you observe Desmond, you can clearly see that he is struggling with some kind of mental problem. Despite all these signs, it’s amazing how people manage to cover them.

In one of his videos, he instructed his followers on how and where to bury him when he died.

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