Sunday, December 3, 2023
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YouTube to Increase Human Video Reviewers

There is a need for more human video reviewers, and finally, the company’s CEO admits to that lack. Therefore, the recent CEO blog post suggests that YouTube will be taking the total of its human video reviewers to 10,000.

Why Hire 10000 Human Video Reviewers?

YouTube, as part of Google, understands and focuses on user experience. The availability of disturbing videos is already becoming a serious problem. Thus, parents are having trouble with the violent behavior of their children.

The YouTube CEO’s Blog Post on the Subject of Violent Videos

In her blog post, Susan Wojcicki wrote that many exploiters are taking advantage of the openness that the video platform offers. Furthermore, she points towards those bad actors that can harm, manipulate, harass, or mislead.

The CEO was of the view that YouTube took a strict approach towards all violent content during the last year. Therefore, she wrote that the company would learn from those lessons and apply them to get results. In her post, she also revealed the tightening of the policy for the content that goes onto the website. She also talks about the use of machine learning technology to help the human moderator’s screen videos.

YouTube Human Video Reviewers

Expansion of the Human Video Moderators

The blog post points towards more significant efforts by human moderators in the future to remove any violent content. The company has already removed thousands of comments. YouTube is working with several organizations which drive child safety initiatives including the IWF, and NCMEC. Besides increasing the number of human video reviewers, the company will also work with industry groups, academics, and experts on different subjects to learn and provide better support.

The post also looks at some of the more vital issues that an average YouTuber goes through on a daily basis. They include among other things, flagged videos, and lack of transparency in showing the right type of content. It would also mean that YouTube management plans to target and remove extremist material from the site.

The CEO also wrote that the company would rely on the same technology for weeding out content not safe for the children. Also, it plans to target and culminate violent kid videos that contain hate material offending someone else’s beliefs. Although these guidelines form the basis of any content publishing site and there is nothing new or out of the ordinary about it. However, the new wave of implementation suggests that this time around things are going to get better. All these changes will hopefully improve the overall user experience for kids, making it safer for them to use the site.

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