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Zainab Murder Case- Police Claims to Arrest Culprit

Police have claimed to arrest the rapist and murderer of seven years old Zainab from Kasur. If the accused who, according to Police has confessed his crime, is the real culprit, then his arrest is indeed a significant development in Zainab Murder Case.

Who is the Culprit in Zainab Murder Case?

According to media reports, Police has claimed that Zainab’s murderer Imran is a neighbor of the girl. His DNA sample has also matched which proves him a culprit in Zainab Murder Case. Imran had escaped the scene after protests erupted in Kasur against this gruesome incident. He first fled to Pakpattan and then Arif Wala. He also kept on changing his get-up to ensure that no one recognizes him.

The latest media reports claim that accused claimed to commit such vicious crimes while being under the influence of some monstrous power.

Social Media Reaction to Arrest of Zainab’s Murderer

There was public outrage over the seven years old zainab’s rape and murder in Kasur. The hashtag #JusticeForZainab trended on social media many days after her body was found in the trash. Many people demanded to hang the culprit in public after the arrest.

Now, when Police claim to arrest the alleged culprit, the public is calling for the trial and harsh punishment for the man, if proven guilty.

Zainab Murder Case

After this brutal incident, sketches of the assumed culprits went viral on social media, one after the other. Those who saw them, being overwhelmed by the anger, immediately demanded to hang them. Now, when the police claim to make progress in Zainab murder case, by arresting the accused, people are again becoming furious and asking to execute the killer.

What Happened in Zainab Case?

A series of events, speculations and contradicting sketches of the accused had complicated the Zainab murder case. At one point, the public also doubted the ex DPO of Kasur as a potential culprit as one of the sketches loosely resembled him.

Such an outrage by the public was also because Zainab was not the only victim of such a heinous crime. According to reports, almost 12 such cases emerged in Kasur, during last one year. The city is also notorious for being a hub of child abuse after a pedophilia ring got exposed in 2015.

Zainab’s incident has awakened the civil society members, up to a large extent. It has made Influencers like showbiz celebrities shared child abuse memories. Related organizations and activists are now becoming more vocal so that people become aware of the gravity of the issue and take measures that can save the next generation.

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