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Zainab’s Murderer Finally Got Hanged Till Death, But Why Not Publicly?

On Wednesday, 17th October 2018, justice got delivered in the case of 7-year-old Zainab who was raped and then killed by the beast in human fur. Imran, Zainab’s Murderer was “hanged till death” today in early hours in Lahore, Kotlakpat.

Public’s Opinion Zainab’s Murderer

Over twitter, most of the people tweeted in the support of the hanging of Zainab’s murderer and rapist who was caught in Kasur on January 23, 2018.

People gave their clear stance over this matter, declaring this punishment today’s best news for Pakistan and of course Zainab’s parents.

Tribute to the daughter of this nation

People paid their regards and tribute to the little angle Zainab, 7 who was hunted by the wolf and was found dead at the heap of garbage in Kasur. They talked about how beautiful her soul was, how innocent her thinking was and how it all got ruined by one animal!


There were special prayers which were held for all those girls and kids who were raped and killed in Kasur. These prayers were arranged to show empathy towards that angel’s family.

But Why Does The Court Rejected The Request Of Zainab’s Father?

Well, most of the people have a different stance on this issue but the point here is that the purpose of Death Sentence matters. People say that the capital punishment should be banned but what was the fault of that girl when she got punished to death by the brutal animal?


While talking about this we here want a clear stance on what should be legal and what not. If there are people who think that they can punish anyone to death illegally then why are they afraid of getting punished legally. Capital Punishment is against the law of humanity when the person is not guilty! Otherwise, killing others and then stating that now sentencing someone to be hanged till death is not right, is actually wrong!

When that kid was left to be found by the public in the heap of garbage then why Zainab’s murderer could not be punished at exactly the same venue, in front of the whole nation, as a deterrent for all others as well!


Contribution Of Drama “Meri Guriya”

Well in drama Meri Guriya, which was based on Zainab’s story, it was shown that Zainab’s Murderer was sentenced publically. But here the court refused to punish Imran like that. The contribution of this drama is that it played a major role in evoking the sleeping and numb emotions of those who were capable of raising voice against Imran.

But now as the case has been accomplished and the files will not be discussed until unless God forbids, something similar does not happen. We need to pay attention to our children as they are our responsibility only!

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