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Zartaj Gul Wazir Creates an Alternate Reality After 19 Points Of Coronavirus

Pakistan’s minister for climate change Zartaj Gul Wazir from the ruling party PTI became a victim of trolls after saying that August 17th was the birthday of Zia ul Haque. While being on a talk show on a news channel she congratulated Mian Javed Latif from the opposition party that his party’s leader General Zia ul Haque was born on August 17.

Previously she said coronavirus was called COVID 19 because it had 19 points for which trolls apprehended her on social media.

Zartaj Gul Wazir Changing the History of Pakistan through Her Lack of Knowledge

Her first error was implying that the former military dictator of Pakistan was born on 17th August while actually he was born on 12th August and assassinated on 17th August.

The minister of climate change kept on going even after the anchor corrected her and informed her about the assassination which happened in plane crash and a lot of other innocent people died. She responded by saying even if he died, his martyrdom must be celebrated because he created PML-N party. This left the listeners staggered with expressions of disdain on their faces.

Pakistanis React With Shock, Awe, And Glee

The anchor and other participants on the show were not the only ones left stunned by Wazir’s illogical arguments. Pakistanis were still processing her research about coronavirus and then she sent them in alternate reality

Some people wonder how can someone be in a ministry and not be aware of the extremely political history of Pakistan. They were confused whether she actually lacked knowledge or just pretended such on purpose.

Premier Khan was probably wondering that as well and also about that weak moment when he was establishing his party

Nevertheless, the people who were entertained by Wazir’s personality admitted it vocally. They have claimed to watch her in action multiple times and thanked her for making them happy.

But What About The Issue Of Climate Change?

While it was fun for some, it also infuriated some concerned citizens. An ill-informed minister is widely unacceptable in a department that seriously needs some results. People from numerous cities of Pakistan demonstrated their concerns in Climate March last year. This issue is not a laughing matter for them which is why they cry for rectifications after each blunder by the government.

This is a big question mark on the stance of PTI supporters as which quality of this party ignites their violent energy whenever it comes to defending the broken constitution, leadership, or even the foolishness of their ministers. Sadly, nobody would own the decision of hiring such people at higher positions but millions would come to defend the ignorance and deflect the issue.

An average citizen’s mind seems to contain more information than the supposed leaders of this country and their supporters.

The problem in Pakistan, as in many other countries of the world is followers of political parties turn a blind eye towards the ignorance of their leaders. Particularly, when they find it hard to admit before their opponents about the flawed decisions their leaders have made. They just act like sheep and exhibit a herd mentality instead of questioning the politicians for their wrongdoings etc.

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