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Why Zayn Malik Didn’t Attend Safaa Malik’s Wedding

Zayn Malik’s sister Safaa Malik’s wedding is making news from a last couple of days and also stirring up some controversies. Safa got married to her boyfriend after three days of her 17th birthday reportedly giving rise to so many questions about her age of marriage and the disappearance of her brother Zayn Malik.

Safa Malik’s Wedding Pictures

Safa’s mother Tricia Malik shared the pictures of her daughter’s wedding on Instagram.

As apparent from the pictures, Safaa wore a desi bridal dress and heavy makeup. The groom Martin Tiser donned Shalwar Kameez. It seems that Maliks are good at making their partners wear the desi dresses. Last year Zayn Malik’s then-girlfriend and top-model Gigi Hadid’s pictures in ethnic dress on the eve of Eid had also gone viral.

A Twitter account with the handle of @_safaazad also shared the pictures of the wedding.

Safaa’s Response to Trolls

The questions of Safaa’s marriage at the age of 17 and rumors of her being pregnant didn’t go unanswered. The Twitter account of Safaa Malik responded by saying that it was her decision and her choice so others shouldn’t bother about it.

Well, we don’t really know if this response actually came from Safaa because a reply to the tweet claimed that account was fake.

Or one reason to believe this could be that the account shared so many pictures of Safaa Malik making fans believe that content was being shared by her.

But Where Was Zayn Malik…?

One question that irked the fans so much was brother Zayn Malik’s absence from sister Safaa Malik’s wedding. No one knew why former One Direction member couldn’t make it to the ceremony. Either he was too busy with his tours or he simply didn’t consider it important. Briefly, there were as many speculations as they could be.

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