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Zayn Malik Snaps At The Grammys For Unfair Nominations

The Pillowtalk singer blasted The Grammys award event for not being inclusive enough. Music fans have often criticized the Grammys for being biased while nominating the winners of the award. Zayn Malik has joined the list of many singers who do not make the nomination list despite having multiple successful years in music.

He accused that the Grammys usually follow the pay-for-play method in selecting the nominees. It means that an artist won’t be able to get in nominations unless he offers a bribe in return. He added a humorous note in the end as well, mocking the Grammys 2021. He said that he will make sure to send some sweets next time to earn some recognition.

Fans In Support Of Zayn Malik

Zayn’s fans also opined that the singer was right about the possible biases in Grammy’s nomination system. They highlighted some of his best milestones in the last 5 years that have gone unnoticed by the awards jury. When his top chart songs, especially Pillowtalk and Dusk Till Dawn did not receive any recognition, it led fans to allege that there was a rigged voting system in play.

His former bandmate, Harry Styles has been nominated for three awards including the big one; Best Pop Vocal Album. Apart from music, Harry has also achieved a notable spot among the world’s top fashion icons.

Zayn Malik’s tweet made a lot of people wonder what kind of blockers Grammys faced in nominating Zayn or other non-white artists, for that matter. It was ok for music fans that Harry Styles was included but Zayn’s exclusion bothered them at the same time. It is sad many artists do not get to be recognized at Grammys based on their race or gender.

Other Artists Facing The Same Issue

Besides Zayn Malik, The Weeknd also broke silence last year when his Album ‘After Hours’ was snubbed in the Grammys. He said the organization is still corrupt, reflecting the fact that the music industry is increasingly becoming diverse in terms of content and artists. Therefore, the platform must do more to recognize them as well instead of traditionally choosing white people as the recipient of the award. Weeknd also criticized Grammys for not being transparent while deciding parameters, on which it selects the award nominees.

What Influences The Voting Process?

One reason why Grammys are not transparent can be due to the factors that influence the voting process. Due to the lack of transparency in Grammys’ platform, fans and artists are not sure what makes the jury decide who deserved to win the award or not. It seemed like that the nominations of Grammys were not based on the popularity of songs or the number of fans, who loved the artist.

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