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Zayn Malik’s Religious Beliefs Have Left Fans Divided

British Pakistani singer Zayn Malik is heartthrob of million of people across the globe. The former One Direction band member enjoys huge popularity in India and Pakistan. Recently, Zayn Malik’s religious beliefs became a talk of the town when in response to a question he revealed that he wouldn’t call himself a Muslim.

And here came a reaction from Twitterati which was not unexpected at all.

Debate Over Zayn Malik’s Religious Beliefs

Well, it was impossible for fans to not share their two cents or to not question Zayn Malik’s Religious beliefs. But, the reaction turned into a kind of debate.

Here was a kind of reply to such a reaction.

Was He Even a Muslim Before

People were also pointing to the fact that one shouldn’t expect him look like Muslims or show up as if he embraced Islam by merely looking at his paternal background. The singer never behaved in a way that could’have conformed to his being a Muslim.

Exactly, why to lament over Zayn Malik’s religious beliefs now.

Well, this was the most epic reaction.

Few months back Zayn Malik had sung Teri Deewani, a Kailash Kher hit. Later, he had sung Allah Ke Bandey. While fans didn’t like his covers for popular Hindi songs, they were happy at the prospect of listening some desi songs from their favorite British singer.

A Twitter user pointed to how Zayn Malik’s religious beliefs shouldn’t have something to do with his singing of Allah Ke Bandey.

Why Such Reaction Over Zayn Malik’s Religious Beliefs

Well, religion has to be someone’s personal matter and no one should be allowed to criticize someone’s religious practices. At the same times, there is a reason why Muslim Twitterati reacted to Zayn Malik’s religion beliefs. People like it when they find some commonalities with their favorite personalities.

Zayn Malik is the son of a man from Muslim and Pakistani origin who was raised as muslim. Even, recently Zayn’s pictures with his girlfriend Gigi Hadid wearing ethnic dress and celebrating Eid with his family had gone viral. So, maybe not finding their favorite singer’s religious beliefs relatable anymore might have caused some disappointment among his fans, but this doesn’t mean that they should hate singer on the basis of his not being a Muslim.

The relatability factor also reflects well in the tweet of this guy who named some popular Muslims in sports.

Zayn Being a Victim of Islamophobia

It is pertinent to mention that Zayn Malik also became a victim of rampant Islamophobia in the United States. In an interview with Evening Standard he revealed how he had to undergo three security checks at a US airport only because of his name. Well, it is not sure if any such event has something to do with Zayn’s religious beliefs or not.

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