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Zee TV Actors Made to Work Like Bonded Labours

Life behind the camera is not always glamorous. The onscreen glitter fades in the face of harsh working conditions that actors face. Recently, actors from famous Indian channel Zee TV, have talked to media about depression and anxiety they have suffered from due to the strict working environment.

An NDTV report that quoted Bombay Times stated that actors Jyoti Sharma and Pranav Mishra the lead pairs of the Zee TV show Aisi Deewangi… Deikhi Nahi Kahi faced gruesome working conditions on set.

Zee TV actors are working like bonded labours

According to reports, Zee TV actors had to work for 18 hours without food and water. Pranav told media that they received a treatment worse than animals. Authorities didn’t give them mandatory 12 hours break between two shifts. For 250 days of the year, they had to report on the set within 5 hours of the previous shift.

The actor further told that he along with Jyoti underwent stress tests on the advice of CINTA (Cine and TV Artists Association) and got diagnosed with anxiety, stress, and depression.

Zee TV Actors

Zee TV actors also faced inhumane conditions on the sets of Aisi Deewangi…Deikhi Nahi Kahi

According to reports, actors further revealed that security measures on the set were not satisfactory. Jyoti shared her experience about a scene where she had to fall on the ground. The director asked for a mattress that producers failed to provide. Consequently, the actress ended up with an injured back after falling on the solid surface.

Jyoti also talked about another scene where she was stuck up in a room filled with smoke, for doing a fire sequence. After this, she was advised for bed rest for four days, which she couldn’t do, as she had to go to work on very next day. During the smoke scene incident, Jyoti lost her voice. Sadly, in the shoot that followed soon after, she had to scream.

How CINTA responded to the conditions of Zee TV Actors

Media reports also quoted the response of CINTA general secretary, Sushant Singh. The official remarked that contracts of the lead pair of Zee TV show, exhibit that their working conditions made them nothing less than bonded labors. He also talked about the medical reports that showed actors were suffering from depression and anxiety.

If the incident of harsh working conditions imposed on Indian actors comes out right, then it would be a gruesome act committed by Indian drama industry. It would merely revel ill-treatment of producers with actors of a drama which is favorite of the audience.

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