Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Zelenskyy Vogue Photoshoot Sparks Outrage on Social Media

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has appeared on the cover of Vogue digital magazine with his wife Olena Zelenska. The pictures went viral on social media generating mixed responses. Many thought that Zelenskyy Vogue Photoshoot at this time of war was a bad idea. The couple is being trolled online with critics saying they don’t take the situation in their country seriously.

Zelenskyy Vogue Photoshoot Raises Questions

Ukraine is under a terrible crisis due to the war with Russia since President Vladimir Putin launched the military operation on February 24, 2022. Besides the daily deaths of soldiers, many citizens have been forced to displace as a result of this war. From the ashes, the Ukrainian President emerged as a ray of hope for so many people. His pictures of being on the ground wearing tactical vests were a heroic representation that won the hearts of not only his country but others as well. According to reports, around 40 countries have committed to sending more than 80 billion euros in aid to Ukraine. The UK made the largest commitment with 1.5 billion euros in military support.

However, after 4 months, the Zelenskyy vogue photo shoot has brought all of that into question. An actor turned President and his comedy writer turned first lady wife embracing each other on a table was not a good look for a country ravaged by war.

Memes on the Viral Pictures

Besides the trolls and critics, some made excruciating memes to express how the situation was seeming to them. They accused the president of being non-serious about the war by taking a glamorous route. Reportedly, more than 5000 people have died since the fighting began including 300 children. Originally, the photoshoot by Annie Leibovitz was intended to highlight how the couple was forced to stay apart due to war. The piece was mainly about Olena who described for the first time how the family was managing during this time. On that note, some joked that there was one picture missing from the Zelenskyy Vogue photoshoot.

Is there Even a War?

Other pictures in the Zelenskyy Vogue Photoshoot included the 3 Ukrainian soldiers guarding the First Lady as she posed beside a destroyed war vehicle. Another one showed Olena posing on the stairs of a fortified building. These photos were supposed to send a different message but instead, they made the Ukrainian leadership look like crooks who made a fool out of every country. It seems Zelenskyy has now fallen from the “hero” stigma after choosing to shoot for a glamour magazine while Russian attacks in Ukraine put the cold war order at risk.

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