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Here is What’s Wrong with Zomato Ad Featuring Hrithik Roshan

Indian food delivery company Zomato has received severe backlash on social media after its latest ad featuring Hrithik Roshan. People have called out the company for glorifying overworking and other risks faced by gig workers. The Zomato ad was probably trying to show the commitment of its staff in a dramatic fashion. It appeared that a delivery guy missed his chance to take a selfie with a Bollywood superstar in order to fulfill the delivery deadline. Moreover, it showed that it was raining outside but the Zomato never stops delivering the orders through its staff. The actor shared the ad through his own Twitter account in which he referred to the rider as “Jadoo” for completing his order during heavy rain.

Zomato Ad Shows How It Treats Workers

This Zomato ad infuriated a lot of folks on the internet who called it horrible. They stated that the ad did nothing but expose its own questionable treatment of the employees. Some said that the company forced their staff to keep hustling in the extreme weather while not paying them enough. They pointed out how the company paid so much to Hrithik Roshan for making a short appearance but cannot increase the salaries of its delivery staff which can help their entire lives. Instead, they seem to make them work like donkeys and then feed them peanuts at the end of the month.

The Disadvantages of Gig Economy

It’s true that the gig economy can help thousands of men and women find work. However, the real issue is the company that hires them. Gig companies have always exploited outdated employment laws to their own advantage. They have complete control over three main things on which the employee depends i.e., salary, conditions, and rights. They conveniently call their workers “independent contractors” to bail out of any responsibilities related to the person working for them. To be able to get proper salary, conditions, and rights, one has to be termed an employee. Users highlighted that the Zomato ad only brought this flawed law in limelight again.

Factual Mistakes

Apart from showing the insensitive culture against gig workers, the Zomato ad may have included some serious real-life errors. Viewers noted that in the ad the Bollywood actor answered the doorbell to take the delivery. They believed that it was highly unlikely to happen in reality that Roshan would open a door himself. They felt that the brand manager behind this ad was in the wrong profession.

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