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Zomato’s Savage Reply to Its Racist Customer Goes Viral In India

Zomato one of India’s most famous and most loved food delivery app trolled one of its customers for inciting racism and discrimination against a worker. The reply to the bigotry was so savage yet straightforward that Indians couldn’t resist commending the company for its stance.

The Back Story of Zomato’s Savage Reply

So apparently one of Zomato’s customers requested that the z-rider ie, delivery person be a Hindu. Upon delivery when the customer found out that the z-rider was a non-Hindu, he canceled the order and requested a refund.

Now, as per the delivery service’s policies, a customer cannot claim a refund if he or she cancels the order. So the customer requested the order to be canceled with no refund. He later took to Twitter to talk about his experience, and the reply the company gave him was amazing.

Here is what Zomato Had to Say

How Folks Are Reacting to It

The company’s founder, while commenting on the matter, said “India prides its self on its diversity in religions and cultures. We aren’t sorry for any business losses that occur as a result of contradiction to our business policies.”

In a multicultural society, racism is always prevalent in some form. So for big corporates to cower away instead of  addressing such a situation is pathetic, but those who do their part in In fighting racism must be celebrated.

People also feel that the reply given by the food delivery service is apt because hunger knows no religion, but hunger for power does. It is a prevalent practice amongst Indian politicians to use religious rhetoric to win in the election and come to power; this in retrun does no good to a society except spreading the bigotry.

Zomato Called Out for Selling Halal Food

While many people welcomed Zomato’s savage reply to a racist there were also those who came up with arguments to prove the delivery service hypocrite. As one  of the Twitter users questioned if food was non-religious then why they classified it Halal and non-Halal for the targeting its Muslim population.

Well this argument also saw rebuttal because many people know that corporates world over classify the food as Halal or Non-Halal for their customers. And such a classification is justifiable for it doesn’t discriminate or bar a human being from doing a work only because he or she doesn’t belong to a specific religion.

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