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Zombie Disease- CWD Causes Concern for CDC As Infection Grows

The CDC has published strict guidelines for the transportation and consumption of deer meat. The strict guidelines came as a result of increasing number of deer suffering from Chronic Waste Disease (CWD).  which was first reported in the 1960s has now spread to 24 states.

Why should people be concerned about the Zombie deer disease

Chronic Waste Disease (CWD) or zombie deer disease is a degenerative neurological disease that happens as a result of misfolding of normal protein resulting in an abnormal 3D protein called Prion.The word Prion is called proteinaceous infectious particle.

CWD is a spongiform disease which means that it destroys brain cells and generates empty spaces in the brain causing the brain to look like a sponge. This is a highly dangerous disease that spreads through the saliva, urine, and feces of the deer. Reports of moose and elks suffering from this disease have also emerged  

The CDC believes even though no report of human suffering from this infectious disease have yet come forth the chance exists. As prions are very heat resistant, there is a possibility that even after you cook the deer meat, the protein retains its functionality  and hence cause CWD in human 

There is no known cure for the disease, and it may take a year or more before the initial symptoms appear.

Advised By the CDC

As of the latest reports, CWD has spread to 24 US states and 2 Canadian provinces. To prevent the Zombie deer disease or CWD from spreading further, the CDC has issued strict guidelines some of which are as followed:

  1. Don’t shoot, handle or eat the meat of a deer or elk that look sick or is acting strangely.
  2. When your field dressing the deer use gloves and dispose of them properly.
  3. Don’t use home utensils.
  4. Minimise organ handling especially the spine and brain
  5. Check with the state wildlife department regarding the latest info
  6. Get your game meat tested. If the test is positive, don’t eat it

The CDC has insisted people follow these rules for their safety to prevent any mishap from occurring.

The effect of zombie disease on businesses

  Hunting sport is a billion dollar industry and the primary source of revenue for many states. In Mississippi alone, the hunting season generates a 1.3billion dollars a year. The fear of hunters putting down their rifles as  a result of CWD  is the primary concern for states like Mississippi which are taking strict action to prevent the further spread of this Zombie deer disease.

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