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Zoom Data Security Scandal Puts App’s Credibility Into Question

Amidst coronavirus lockdown, the need of video calling apps has increased more than ever. But the recent Zoom data security scandal is a cause of concern for users. Zoom is a popular video conferencing app with advanced features which are being used by educational institutes and businesses to conduct online classes and meetings. The reports that hackers have stolen the details of half-million Zoom users and sold them to a company may lead users to reconsider their choice of video calling app.

About Zoom Data Security Scandal

As per the news reports from popular tech platforms, hackers have hacked more than 500,000 zoom accounts and collected personal credentials including email addresses, passwords and the web addresses for Zoom meetings. These details have been sold for the fraction of 1 pence (1.25 cents) or free on dark web and on hackers’ forum.

It is not for the first of its kind Zoom data security scandal. Earlier it was reported that Zoom video calls might not be end to end encrypted. Now the reports are emerging that cyber-security intelligence company Cyble. has purchased login details from Russian-speaking man over telegram message service.

The stealing of users’ login details have long run impacts. It can allow the owner of to access the user’s personal meeting room and then subsequently  exploit user’s contacts by sending them malware through Zoom invites.

What Does Zoom Has to Say on Data Security Issue?

The Company has declined the new zoom data security scandal but many email addresses had been part of previous data breaches. According to the spokesperson, Zoom has taken security of its users seriously and it is looking to implement new technologies to strengthen the efforts.  

Zoom CEO Eric Yuan had recently held a live conference acknowledging the privacy and security issues within the app ensuring that the company was working on fixing them.

Zoom video conferencing app usage has risen amidst the coronavirus lockdown. The company is facing severe criticism and backlash for his app’s software encryption. The company has been sued for hiding flaws in software and criticized for its way of handling user’s data.   

Recently the company has hired a former Facebook security chief Alex Stamos as an adviser and released new updates in an effort to address these issues. Data scandal is about the hacking of users’ information and it is not possible to resolve it by use of simple security tips to stop apps from stealing data.

Zoom Facing Ban due to Data Breach Issues

As coronavirus has shifted the workplace, gatherings and social events have moved from physical to digital. COVID-19 has resulted in an increase in the usage of the Zoom video conferencing app But the Zoom data security scandal has led a number of companies and educational institutes to ban or restrict its use.

Google has banned Zoom app from company computers and it has  directed employees to the use of own video-calling app Duo

SpaceX a space Exploration Technologies Corp of Elon Musk’s fame has banned also Zoom app due to security concerns.  

National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA also forbid company employees from using Zoom app.

The German Foreign Ministry has also restricted Zoom use to personal computers in emergency situations.

The government of Taiwan has banned the use of the Zoom app by all government agencies and encouraged them to switch to Microsoft Teams.

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