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Mark Zuckerberg Fears that States May Copy China to Regulate Internet

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg reportedly stated that he was “worried” about other countries’ prospects to mimic the Chinese new model to regulate the internet. He labeled it “very dangerous” if it was true.

According to the statement Zuckerberg in video conversation with European Union Industry Commissioner Thierry Breton expected that new model will come out from countries like China that will have very different values than Western countries. He added that it was up to independent western Countries to have a responsibility for a clear data privacy framework in place.

Chinese Model to Regulate Internet As Threat to Freedom of Speech

This is  not for the first time that Mark Zuckerberg has citied the risks of a Chinese new model to regulate internet. Last year during a talk at Georgetown University on free speech Zuckerberg drew a sharp dissimilarity with Chinese companies that may not share those values related to freedom of speech..

In a question asked by Mark Zuckerberg that China or United States which nation’s values were to determine what speech was going to be allowed Facebook CEO emphasized that those values were already coming under threat from the Chinese new model. He also clarified that Facebook was committed to freedom of speech.

Brussels Privacy Law for Facebook 

In an hour-long video conference, Mark praised EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Brussels’ 2018 privacy laws according to which Facebook had to reform its approach to data privacy around the world. This Privacy law has made e-commerce giants and tech giants like Twitter and Google to handle user data in the EU region. Well, these data privacy regulations were not related to some Chinese model to regulate the internet but they came from the European Union after Facebook’s notorious Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Mark also mentioned Facebook privacy law for misleading coronavirus information on his platform. He stated that company had take down thousands of pieces of harmful misinformation regarding novel coronavirus. He also added that their independent fact checking program has yielded 50 million warnings on pieces of content related to COVID-19.

Facebook Oversight Board to Monitor Content

Earlier this month, Facebook announced 20-members of its oversight board who will independently oversee moderation disputes on the platform. The board members will have the power to correct or overrule the social media platform’s content moderation policies, including instances of hate speech and misinformation. The board will start hearing cases later this summer;

Mark Zuckerberg Criticized Chinese app TikTok

Last year while speaking at the Georgetown University on free speech Mark Zuckerberg criticized TikTok owned by Chinese tech company ByteDance. He mentioned that TikTok the short lived-video app censored political protest, including one in the United States.

 Maybe it was this censorship measurements to regulate internet that Zuckerberg is against but it is also the popularity of these platforms which is a threat to the US social media giants that mught be irking Zuckerberg.

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