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Interesting Facts about Dolphins Intelligence and Habitat

Interesting Facts About Dolphins

Dolphins are the best aquatic friends of human beings. It is very common to see this intelligent creature socializing with kids in ponds and other such theme parks. Well, there many interesting facts about Dolphins that make them a fascinating species on Earth.

Let’s have a look at few of the most interesting facts about Dolphins that you never heard before.

Dolphins as a Fish Species

Dolphins live both in the sea as well as rivers. Perhaps, this is the reason why it is easy to keep them in freshwater ponds. 40 species of Dolphins live in the sea, while five species live in the river.

Being carnivores, Dolphins eat smaller fish and crustaceans. A 260 pounds heavy Dolphin needs to eat at least 33 pounds of the food on a daily basis. They also feed upon the seabirds. They capture their prey by swimming along with them.

Killer Whale is A Dolphin

Yes, the killer whale is not a whale but a dolphin; this is perhaps one of the most interesting facts about Dolphins that they are a part of the whales’ family that include pilot and orca whales. Orca whale is also the killer whale which is approximately 9 meters (30 feet) long and 10 pounds heavy.

Dolphins are Intelligent Aquatic Species

Well, there is a reason why Dolphins are so close to human beings; their brain is much developed, and they are smarter like apes. It is said that Dolphins are second to human beings in term of body size to brain size ratio. They often indulge in a behavior that shows them to be more mentally active than their co-inhabitants. Like, they teach their kids to swim.

Dolphins also use whistle like sounds to recognize each other. Many scientists describe this phenomenon as Dolphins naming themselves.

Interesting Facts About Dolphins

Socializing behavior of Dolphins

One of the most known interesting facts about Dolphins is their ability to socialize. These animals love to coordinate each other. They have a very playful behavior towards fellow beings and humans. How dolphins help the injured humans and help the breath on the surface is not a surprise anymore. There are many incidents where Dolphins rescued the human beings. Due to their playful nature, dolphins are the best animal friends for kids as well.

More Interesting Facts about Dolphins

Here are few more surprising facts about Dolphins

  • Dolphins use their teeth for capturing the prey only. They don’t chew the food but swallow it.
  • They migrate if they don’t find food at one place.
  • They exhibit a very flexible body and can dive up to 1000 meters deep down the sea.
  • The average lifespan of Dolphins is 17 years, but few species can survive up to 50 years. According to estimates, few species might have lived up to 100 years as well.
  • They can also jump up to 20 feet high.
  • Dolphins are marine mammals and not the fish.