Write for Us – Writing Guidelines by HoursTv.com

HoursTV Writing Guidelines

Must Follow Points to Write For HoursTV

  1. We hate plagiarism like everyone else, so we will not accept plagiarized content.
  2. Write clear, well-researched, organized, and focused content on a given topic. We are accepting content for the following categories; Technology, Politics, Fashion and Sports.
  3. Use headings in the content and avoid longer paragraphs and big chunks of text.
  4. HoursTV.com’s editorial team decision will be considered the final word on accepting or rejecting contents and distribution of prizes. By participating in this contest you agree that we will use your name, and social media link to announce you as the winner. (It is up to you agree if we can include your photo or not).
  5. Please make sure that your content has a minimum length of 400 words.
  6. Prize details for the competition are as follows.
    • 1st Prize – $100
    • 2nd Prize – $50
    • 3rd Prize – $25
  7. If HoursTV.com decides to publish a piece of content, all its copyrights will belong to us and the writer agrees to waive off all rights to the content regardless of the fact if they are given a prize or not. This also includes any images accompanying the content.
  8. Please send the content with .docx, .doc and PDF file extensions. You can also send images, included within the document and not separately. Please send clear images as we may not include blur or unclear pictures. HoursTV holds the right to amend any piece of content the way it likes, including making any changes to the title, body, keywords, images or any other amendments. The writer agrees to accept those changes and not make any attempt to influence changes made by HoursTV.
  9. Do not send us any content that is biased, offensive, or otherwise unacceptable to the norms and regulations governing Islamic Republic of Pakistan. We will not publish content that is offensive in nature to any religion, sect, or political party.
  10. HoursTV.com will announce names of the winners at a later date. Stay tuned for more.
  11. You cannot publish content anywhere else that you have submitted to HoursTV even if it is under review.
  12. Once content is published on HoursTV, you cannot republish it anywhere else under any circumstances.
  13. You cannot submit content to HoursTV, that is either published or under review by another website.
  14. Please make sure not to send content without a title. Make sure that your title matches the content.
  15. Please understand that you need to strictly adhere to the guidelines before and after the submission, to avoid disqualification or forfeiting of the prize money or any other action as deemed appropriate by HoursTV Team.

Terms and Conditions for Content Submission

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