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Why Pakistani Meme Wow Grape Went Viral on Social Media

Pakistani meme wow grape went viral on social media across the globe. The meme emerged from the video of an event at Pakistan International School, Jeddah (PISJ). Senator Seher Kamran who was probably the principal of school back then when she asked kids about how they would pledge their loyalty to Pakistan when they would grow up. At that time, she was a principle. The laughable answers from kids shocked the whole world. Another notable anomaly in the video is that the Senator was cheering on the kids in a very melodic tone. Which may have also altered her accent for the listeners.

The pledges on the other hand, were not only unrealistic but they seemed really fake or made up just for the sake of nationalism. Some wanted to grow up, join army, and destroy India. Others were eager to sacrifice their life for country. And remaining wanted to somehow help Pakistan but didn’t exactly know how to do that.

About Pakistani Meme Wow Grape

The issue was that nobody really knew what the issue was. And this turned out funny because the major issue was clearly visible. Every character in those videos was putting on a show which entertained a lot of people across the globe. Senator Kamran often faces criticism on social media for being a defiant patriotic.

This time she has faced criticism again for supporting blind patriotism and nationalism. Many people have wondered if the kids were actually learning all that stuff from the school. This gave birth to the Pakistani meme wow grape which reflects senator’s problematic approval of whatever these kids said.

This Educational Crises Is Not Funny

The show was a good canvas for aspiring meme-makers to practice their craft as well. Some actually talented individuals created a remix of some overly cringe pledges. People all over the world fell in love with the girl with the extravagant accent, for the wrong reasons. The global community was ready to sacrifice their life for Pakistan if that made anything better.

It was one of the best entertainments on TikTok before government banned the video-sharing app. Despite the over enthusiastic comments by children, the world also loved how Senator said great. There was literally nothing great about the thoughts of these children who are paying hell of a lot of money for education. This was the most notable shock among the people.

Where Is That Principle Now?

Pakistan has awarded Senator Kamran with Tamgh-e-Imtiaz for her educational services and promoting Pakistan in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). She served in Parliament as an elected member of the Upper House from 2013 to 2018. During that time, she also worked as a principle of that fateful school where kids were drenched in nationalism.

She continues to work relentlessly for PPP against the PTI’s Government of Pakistan, where PM Imran Khan resides with his team. The premier continues to face criticism for two horrible years of leadership

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